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Hello from PA
Hello my name is Cory and Im new here but not new to the mustang world. Just recently I purchesed a 72 coupe. Its an H code car 351 2v cleveland fmx. Robin egg blue with a black top. Soon to be tore down and reworked. Already order the 429c stroker kit and a new set of cnc machined aussie heads. New C6 built tranny. Currie 9in center section 31 spline 4.10 detriot locker with alloy axle shafts. front coil overs tubular front suspension, new interior kit complete (dont like the blue interior it has. Mach-1 Dominator fiberglass hood and a set of fiber glass fenders. All other parts will come shortly. Have to get the car stripped down and see what panels need replaced. Plus i gotta start bending a cage up for the interior that will look good with all or mostly all of the stock interior parts. Hopefully the only parts that i will have to drill through is gonna be the dash just to run the down bars to the floor and to attach to the front hoop for the engine bay cage.

Other then that a little about my past. I just recently got out of the Marine Corp. Prior to the military service my father had gotten me in to pre 73 mustangs. He had anything from 64 1/2s up to the 73s. I have mostly 67 and 68s. Last one was a wanna be gt. Orinally it was a j code car with the 302 that the PO had ruined. I found a pre 70 390 and rebuilt it with a toploader 4 speed from a torino and put that in. Pretty much a straight forward build other then the coil over set both front and rear. The rear was a 4 link set up with a track bar. Nothin special.

So ya i guess i babbling on. Cant wait to get in this on neck deep and see where it goes.
Welcome Cory. Glad your hear. MBBig Grin
Welcome aboard! Another member from PA. What part of PA? I am in Irwin which is ~25 miles east of Pittsburgh.

[Image: 57_23_07_10_12_47_19.jpeg]

White 1973 (351C stroked to 408, 4V, FMX) convertible with blue deluxe interior AC and power windows.

Irwin Pa (MCA # 52193)
First off..

My brother-in law lives in Pitts...Primanti Bros Rule!!!


Thanks for being in the service, we all salute you!

No. 3....

Glad to have you on board brother!!!
Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you aboard and I can't wait to see some photos of the coupe! Be sure to keep us posted on your build!

[Image: 1gq8uo.png]
1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
Hi and Welcome Cory good to see you here enjoy.
WELCOME Cory and THANKS for your service!

How far are you stroking that bad boy? What crank? Are you boring it also?

I look forward to interacting with you on the "Performance" forum as I, too, am putting together a stroker - - a 545 for my '73 MACH I.

Again, my sincere WELCOME!

Welcome to the site.

Jeff T.

Low buck, touring style, '73 Convertible "rolling restoration", 351c, 2v heads with a shave and a haircut, Performer intake, Holley 650(ish), roller rockers, screw in studs, guideplates, stainless valves, Duraspark / Motorsports MSD, T-5 conversion. 1-1/8" front, 3/4" rear swaybars KYB shocks and some home brewed subframe connectors. Future plans; JGC steering box, Cobra brakes and... paint, interior, etc.

When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passenger.

[Image: 1_12_09_14_10_15_11.png]
Thanks everyone for the comments. I dont move to fast due to my time in the service. Was a little to close to some bad things. Even through all that i would do it all over again, except for the part of getting hurt.

We are in process of moving to Jeannette. Still getting used to the area.

as to the engine its custom 4340 forged 4.200’’ stroker crankshaft, 6.00’’ forged H beam connecting rods, Probe custom 2618 forged pistons, Total Seal plasma moly piston rings, Clevite coated racing engine bearings, precision balanced on a 3000 engine balancer to NASCAR specs. A 4.030’’ bore Cleveland block makes the mighty 429 CID.

As soon as we get settled in and the car off the trailer i will get some pics of it. Have to burn those meats off before i tear it down any how and see if i can launch that fmx that is in there.

Cobra3073 what set up are you useing to get the 545, i might have to send this one back, and get that (no replcement for displacement) I do have a dove block 460 setting around the familys place some where.

Welcome to the forum.And thanks for your service to our country.My son is in Afganistan now.Keep us posted on your car.

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
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