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Hello from Oklahoma
Joined a few days ago, thought it was time to say hello -

I've got two '71's Mach 1's that I've had since the mid '80's. The first one I acquired was a Yellow Gold H code built in November 1970. A year or so later, I found a fairly nice Wimbledon M code, probably one of the last 71's with closed chamber heads.

The 2bbl car was pretty much a beater...We really didn't like the color, and since it was not as "desireable" as a 4bbl or a Boss, we figured we'd change it a little by making it a 4 bbl, and changing the color. A white car is what we wanted, so we started the restoration. Just before we started the engine work, I found a white 4bbl car that didn't need much - A windshield, carpet, engine rebuild, and tires! I was able to get it for about the amount we had budgeted to finish the first one. Upon completion, we drove it about 130,000 miles.

The first car has not made much progress...engine, quarters, added a fold down and staggered shock setup from a donor car, and started a floor pan replacement...In 26 years!!!

After a mishap with the 4bbl car back in 1995, it has seen limited action. I cobbled a replacement hood, fender, and core support together, primed it, and watched it rust! Recently, I've put some effort into working on it - Brakes, steering gear, tires, and carb. Still runs good after a 1986 rebuild and 100K+ miles but needs a lot of attention to some rust.

I used to read Mustang magazines and was appalled that it would take people 2, 4, 6, or even 10 years to restore a car - Now I know why it sometimes takes forever to complete a decent restoration! A lot of desire and time, but no money...Then comes No time and no money...Now it's maybe enough money, but not the burning desire. I guess the older you get, sometimes the more you like to things that don't demand a lot of attention! One the "plus" side, along the way I've learned to do body work, welding, and some painting, saving myself a little money.

Our goal is to probably sell the 4bbl, and invest in the 2bbl. I would like to add a manual trans, improve the front suspension, maybe some 17-18" tires with modernized Magnums or Mini Lites. We were going to paint it like my wife's Medium Blue Metallic '71 she had in high school, but lately I've been thinking about Grabber Orange...

I'll probably be looking in often, as it looks like I can get a lot of good info here. Thanks for such a good site!
welcome from Hawaii! Awesome history and especially with the wife owning one back in the days. A match made in Heaven! Heart Grabber Orange? thumb
welcome from Down Under

[Image: stangprofile3.jpg]
Welcome from Australia.
hello from austria. i'm probably a little younger than you and i can understand the urge not to invest as much time into a restoration when you get older. i've restored 4 mustangs now and my 66 k-code is probably going to be my last project. i envy you guys in the US because finding the right parts is a lot easier than here in europe. if you get a chance look at my restoration, maybe that might help you get started :-)

i've been working on my boss for 2 years now.

Welcome from a neighbor to the north(Kansas)

1965 D Code
[Image: 64-dcode-200x83.jpg]
And welcome from Montevideo, Uruguay!... I know what you mean about the typical dificulties we all face in this restoration world but what i can say with some sureness is that if you are willing to work yourself and you enjoy that ride, this restoration thing gets much enjoyable than just wait to the right superman in the business work in your ride...

Well... we will be in touch!.. i´d love to see your cars man! some pics would be amazing!

Damián Cool

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welcome from Norway
Welcome from Alabama. Roll Tide!

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welcome from Mustang Oklahoma. Chuck
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