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Hello From Kansas City
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Let me introduce myself as a Not so Smart Father. In October of 2010 we decided to find my 17yr old son a car. We asked him what he would like and of course out of his mouth came "American Muscle". I was proud considering most of his friends have Tuners(new rice burners for not so hip lingo speakers). Anyways I cant lie his first choice was a 65 GTO...I laughed right in his face on that choice. After looking all over online and through friends, we found a 71 Coupe. Had to drive a hour and a half away,once to go look at it and a second to buy it. Minor miles compared to some out there on this site i'm sure.

Now let me say this as a teen myself I only helped a couple of friends work on their cars. Mostly I held the tools and ran for crap. I even got to play jack for a transmission once. So my knowledge is very limited. I am a little older now and maybe a little wiser, but I know I am going to have a lot of questions.

Now if your wondering about the car it has a 302 2bbl and still had factory air intact. Both rear quarters have been replaced and at first glance only had a few minor issues(So I thought). We drove it home, well most of the way,the car ran fine but we had a blow out and no spare. So after getting it home we of course replaced some belts and hoses and oil change. As i started researching more i discovered a 73' grille, a Granada Rear end, No horn, bad brake drums,No heat, non working gas gauge and a few other issues.

So of course the Boy had to drive it, HAD TOO! After day 5 of driving the fuel filter clogged,replaced it. Then that one clogged,then the fuel pump went out, so of course I'm sure there's bit of rust in the tank. Day 8 of driving the Transmission decided to Malfunction. Now P is Park,we have nothing in R,D,2 is now reverse,and 1 is now Drive.

Sorry for the long introduction.

Wish me luck so far I'm really good at taking things apart.Lets see if i can figure out how to put them back.
welcome and good luck with your project.
Tnfastbk;12253 Wrote:welcome and good luck with your project.

Thanks Really I'm Going to need it..
Welcome. I love KC BBQ. Jack Stack BBQ is some of the best I've ever eaten.

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welcome to the club, Good luck with your project show us some pic's

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Yea,Tho i cruise through the valley of the shadow of rice,I will fear no Turbo,For Torque art with me.Thy rods and crankshaft,they comfort me. Big Grin Robert
Welcome to the mustang world. Most of us have lived it.
Welcome and you'll find lots of help here.
Hello and welcome to this site!! Well.. i undestand what you are going through... It´s not a piece the cake to get a almost 40 year old car working as new, but let me say that you´re in the right place here... I personally not much of a helper, i´m from Uruguay in South America and here everything is harder, but in this forum you´re gonna find not only people who "been there, done that" in every matter but some friends that are also suppliers... Don for example, from OMS (that´s his actual user name) is a regular here, he knows a bunch and he has a lot of supplies that are just the kind of things an old car needs to run ok for a regular driver...

Besides all that, if you become a regular here, and maybe your son could join us too... you are gonna learn a bunch of stuff... not only how to repair this or that but historical facts, other people histories and their cars, etc... Believe me... it´s a really fun group of people here...

Well... i wish you the best of lucks... and people.. let´s make this father and son fans of our little mustang era! Wink

Damián Cool

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Welcome! Once you get the bugs out, your kid will have a dependable car as well as a cool chick magnet! LOL! keep the faith...it will come together!


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1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
rocketfoot;12274 Wrote:Welcome! Once you get the bugs out, your kid will have a dependable car as well as a cool chick magnet! LOL! keep the faith...it will come together!


Maybe this will make you feel that your not alone:

When I bought my car 72 Mach 1 clone I thought it was in fairly good shape. I found it in Laconia NH. The guy had it under a tarp for about 6 years outside. He got it running and put it out front. One of my buddies drove by and informed me of it. I went up there and checked it out. mechanically it was solid. 351C rebuilt..nonsmoker...C6 (he told me FMX). I came back the next day and bought it. he asked me when the trailer was coming. I told him I was going to drive it home. I asked him to change the oil and check all the fluids while I went to get a plate from the registry. He thought I was crazy. This thing was down so long we didn't know what to expect. Anyways my wife and kids followed me home . I live about 1 1/2 south of Laconia. I cruised home at about 70 mph. I was pretty happy. Fixed the drums and threw in a few pieces of sheet metal with rivets in the pan and got a sticker. My plan was to put new pans in it this year.

When I checked the heater before I bought it it didn't come on. Then I noticed the heater panel was unscrewed as if someone was troubleshooting it. I asked the guy about it and he said he was fooling around with the radio and he must have been knocked it off or something suspicious like that. I figured I could fix it...fuse or new blower no big deal. When I started going through it several weeks later I found the problem. The cowl was completely rotted out. Water was coming in on both sides. So that became the game plan. Once I started getting into the front end to access the cowl. I found that all the upper aprons were rotted, radiator front support was shot, steering box and master cylinder were leaking, wiring was scary at best and I can go on and on. I decided to pull the motor and drive train and just go through everything. I will say though the car ran like a champ all last summer after a tune up.

There is so much more that needs attention but too much to discuss. My point being these cars at low prices need major attention. If not consider that you've won the lottery. The killer piece to getting it done is to be "not afraid to tackle the project". I try to approach each section in the car w/o thinking of the rest of the project. If I do I become overwhelmed. If it wasn't for the guys in this forum I would be in big trouble. I ask some pretty basic and sometimes silly questions but I always get an answer and the feeling that everyone is willing to help each other.

Use this forum and you can get through all the repairs. I will tell you this: Be prepared to spend money. I give myself a budget every month for new parts. Get yourself a decent air compressor and a welder. They will both come in handy. I discovered the air chisel recently. Very handy.

The best thing is you get to spend time with your son working on the car. In my case my friend drives up here to work on the car with me every so often. It's the best time (we limit the beer until after 6 pm..lol) You'll create some good memories together.

Send away for every Mustang cataloug thats free. I have a pile of them. You can use the forum to ask the guys what they think of certain vendors. Some are better than others. Good Luck!

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Chasing Rust
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