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Hello From Chesapeake, VA
Just joined today always loved 71-73 bodystyle. Came home from the hospital in 4 month old 73 Fastback. Dad had 71 Boss 351, my first car was a 73 Mach 1 and now Dad has 73 Q Code Mach that is 56k car. Looking for a car myself sometime I currently drive an 07 GT that I ordered they way I wanted.
Welcome from Arkansas...sounds like some good history there. If you don't mind travel you can pick one up. plenty still left out there. found a 72 the other day that's for sale...wish I had the extra cash for it myself but that's the way it goes.
Welcome from northern California.


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
Send me anything you find if you don't mind Caspian
Welcome from Ashland VA. Search the locals IV seen some pop up time to time. A lot of members here in VA. Good luck with your search and welcome once again to the best mustang site you will ever find!!
Welcome from Indiana
matrixx I found a nice 73 Vert that has 302 for $6900 but I want a Fastback most i have looked at are overpriced and too much work for my small garage. Hoping I can make some connections here and help in the search. I saw a dark blue 71-72 Mach1 driving on 264 in Va Beach once that looked unmolested with dead paint. I was unable to jump the median and chase it down! LOL
welcome from chicago



1972 mustang convertible
2005 mustang convertible
1999 mustang convertible white (sold)
1994 mustang convertible white (sold)
2008 ford edge copper
2006 cadillac cts radaint bronze
welcome from East Tn someone just posted a car in Arkansas let me look.

Here it is

welcome from Mustang, Oklahoma. Chuck
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