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Hello from Amsterdam :-)
Hey folks,

Already being a member of a Dutch Ford/Mustang forum, I also wanted to become one here because it's more specific for 71-73 mustangs. So it's probably not a bad idea to introduce myself a little.

I don't know howmany non-Americans there are here but I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In November 2012, after I got my Dutch license, I bought my own first car. It's a 1973 Mustang Grandé with a 351C-2V block in it with an Edelbrock Performer and Holley carb sitting on top. I have yet to figure out which carb coz I can't find any serial number on it Undecided

Kevin Marti told me about my car's production date (July 6, 1973) and he said this car was put together on the very last day that Grandé's were build. I'll add my car to the registry and post the Marti report later when i have more time.

I bought the car because I want to use my hands on something. I studied precision engineering but have always been working as a software engineer so not much grease to dig in for me... The car is in good shape but a few things need fixing and/of maintenance. My intentions are to do everything myself. I have started with a bit of painting, replaced the shifter console and soon I want to remove the LPG kit and put in a triangular Edelbrock air filter.

Whatever I do with my car, I post on this blog, if you care to take a look:
- vincentmustang.blogspot.nl/


PS: The car was originally sadle bronze with standard hood. Personally I like this better though but in time it will get painted again and quite differently so ;-)
Welcome from coastal Alabama. There are quite a few international members on here. Be sure to drop a pin on our member map under the Fun Stuff tab at the top.

Sounds like your car was one of the last of the last ones made. I look forward to seeing your Marti Report.

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Welcome from Florida.

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Welcome from Arkansas
Welcome from Virginia. My first car after I got my license (way too many years ago) was a 71 I bought from the original owner. I've been hooked ever since.

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Welcome from northern California.


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Welcome from Oklahoma!


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Welcome from West Virginia!
welcome from your neigbor in Luxembourg, Europe.

I took mine to Cadzand this summer. Nice trip, good weather so we could cruise with the top down. Smile

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Welcome from western Tennessee! welcome

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