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Hello everyone!
This is definitely my favorite website! I just jumped in and posted a few times and many folks have already become friends. What a great place to learn more about these cars. I have had a few Mustangs in the past. I have always liked the 71-3's best. The economy combined with some family issues have made the Mustangs seem like a distant memory. But I hope to be able to sort things out soon, enabling me to enjoy them once again. As many of you already know I recently lost my younger sister to cancer. She died way too young. She and I were very close. It has taken much as this loss was tough for me - my mother and father have already passed. When families change in this way the cars and other things become a little less important. I would be very mistaken if I said I lost interest.
This site is very enjoyable to share stories and learn more about the cars. I hope offer decent advice/opinions and to share some good stories with you all as time goes on.

Thanks for making me feel very welcome as a site member!


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glad to have you . my condolences for your sister.

And of course you don't need to own one to enjoy and take part in the site.Any one with a passion for the BBM is welcome.

Once again welcome


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Welcome to the site Ray.welcome
Welcome Ray,

Family loss is definitely life changing. My condolences to you.

Glad to have you here with us and perhaps some time spent on a favorite hobby will help ease the pain and pass the time. All the best.
welcome glad to have you aboard
Welcome to the forums! We are certainly glad to have you aboard!


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Hi Ray,
Condolences for your loss.
And welcome to the site. Glad to have you aboard.

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welcome enjoy the site and have fun with it.
Welcome Ray. Condolences on your sister.

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Hey Ray!... We had shared some PM few days ago and i´m glad you are now posting here... My condolences about your sister and your folks too... I know life can be so unfair for some people who is going way to young, unjustified and all... There´s nothing anyone can do about destiny and life itself...

But we can learn to enjoy the gift of life we all have, just to breath everyday in this world... That should be your job now.. try to live as happy as you can and let your sister and you other love ones be present in every happiness you can achieve... they´ll live trough you...

That being said... If a mustang is what you want, come on and get one! work for it and i´m sure there´s no need to buy a 20K mustang... I´ve learned the most enjoiable cars are the ones that we get cheap and then, discover it isn´t that bad... we can fix them ourselves and sooner than you imagine, they are driving us to our jobs.. to everywhere... Even in primmer or a little rusted... drivable cars are THE way to go for anyone who enjoys the experience...

So my friend... we are here to help you in anythig... we are like... 500?? people and we all participate in everything all the time... so.. if you decide to get 800 dollars and buy some rusty old Stang, we are here for you to help... If you want to participate and share your experience, we are here for you too and we are gonna be VERY glad to have you on board in any configuration!!...

So Ray... feel welcomed cause you certainly are.

Damián Cool

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