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Hello All from Louisiana!
(10-11-2018, 05:15 AM)jeremycfr Wrote:
(10-10-2018, 04:48 PM)Froggy Wrote: Hello from Louisiana. I have been reading through the threads (lurking) for a while. I just got back from "Cruisin' the Coast" in Biloxi, MS and have been inspired to revive a project that has been in storage for several years. 1972 Mustang Convertible 351C 2v (Should have) ram air. Wish me luck, this is one ugly duckling for now. But we will pull her out and fix her up!

[Image: IMG_8279.jpg]

Welcome from Oklahoma. I spent quite a few years in Natchitoches. What part are you from?

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I'm Just north of Baton Rouge. Been through Natchitoches a few times.
Welcome from San Diego.

- Mike
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(10-11-2018, 09:27 AM)Boss1Ray Wrote: Welcome from Oklahoma.

Please post up your Marti report if you have one.
Looking for some documentation for your ram air.  Sounds interesting.



Hi Ray,

Had a Marti report years ago when I first bought the car, but I can't find it now. Guess I'll order another.
The ram air statement is just based on my preliminary research online but may not be completely accurate I'm not sure yet.  I am just starting this journey and learning as I go.
(10-11-2018, 08:39 AM)Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs Wrote: Welcome from North Carolina. Tell us more about your vert, equipment, eng. trans, etc.

Hi David, 
I am just getting started in this so I am not sure what is original or what has been done by POs. It is a 351 2v, has a holley 4 bbl, it is a manual trans with a hurst shifter. Was originally Bright Blue Metallic and is now white with blue stripes. 

Just ordered a Marti report and shop manuals so I will be learning more soon.

Welcome from New Jersey.   Just joined this forum and I'm starting on a 71 Coupe.

John Woolley
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to see another very get saved. Post more pics when you get a chance.

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Welcome from northern California.


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
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welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

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Welcome from Illinois!
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