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Just signed up since I just purchased a 1972 mustang few days ago, got some work to do to the car and will have lots of questions, active hot rodder who owns a blown bbc 454 1980 camaro,2013 challenger,1980 vette, 2012 camaro and finally 1985 Trans am for play toys and weekend fun.

So my 1972 mustang is a welcome addition to my cars and hopefully will have on the road soon so I can enjoy to drive it. Since my other projects are mostly done, I'm turning my attention to the mustang to make it mine.

So I hope to learn a lot from others, been a while since I have own a ford product so I will sure need some direction to get my mustang completed.

My mustang has a 302 in it and it is a driver, but it needs brake work, interior work and a fresh paint job which all of it I will do. Then later I will start to hop up the engine and drive train to make a healthy 12 second street car out of, by either tunnel ram thru the hood or maybe a 6-71 blower. but first thing is first, I need to fix a little rust on the floors and I need to figure out how to assemble the front seats and buy cushions and new covers. My front seats was all apart and someone already started the restoration on them and blasted the frames and some form of epoxy black paint and they look to be side lever seats which I had had a tough time finding on google.

So one of my first questions is, who is a very reliable source for mustang parts for my 1972 Mustang? Something similar to classic industries but with maybe competitive prices and the small stuff, bolt kits, little plastic trim pieces, front grill, pretty much any and everything to buy for a 1972 mustang.

Of course I could use many sources I suppose, like to order some catalogs
to start thumbing thru.

Thanks Dennis
Welcome from Iowa.

Don at Ohio Mustang is a good source and he knows his stuff. He is on this forum as well.
Welcome from Colorado. +1 on OMS and I have also had good luck with CJ Pony Parts.

Welcome from Oklahoma.

How about some pics? Smile


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Welcome from northern California.

Don of OMS is my goto guy for parts.
If you like to peruse catalogs , like me,
try NPD or Summit Racing. Like Don, they
also offer excellent parts and quality service.


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Welcome from the UK Smile.
Welcome from TriCities WA.

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Some Mod pictures can be seen at:

Welcome from Denmark.Wink

Regards DK73

So I'm a proud owner of one Mach 1 73! Regards Lars DK73whistling
Welcome from Brisbane, Australia.


welcome from Luxembourg, Europe.
Can you post some pics of your Mustang and maybe of the Camaro and the Vette?

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