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Hello I have looked at this site a bit and figured I would sign up and ask for a little help. I have had my stang for a long time, its been in the family since the 80's It was a by the numbers car until I got a hold of it and now its more of a resto mod.

If anyone knows how to get the door lock to release I would be so thankful. I am tired of going in dukes of hazard style.

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Welcome from Rhode Island!!!
you found the right site for help with your car.

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Hello and welcome from coastal Alabama! The broken door handle is a common thing to break. I'm not sure of the fix other than to replace it with a good one.

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Welcome from Arkansas
Welcome from North Carolina!

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Welcome to the site! I'm a complete noob, so I have no idea how to help you, but in the week or 2 since I've been here I can say that this site has a lot of really knowlegeable folks, so hopefully someone can help you with your question.
Welcome from Ontario Canada.

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welcome From San Diego.
welcome to the one functioning door handle club.

This was the one feature Ford engineers preserved and passed along to fox body Mustangs.Dodgy
Welcome from France.
Some details about your car?[/u]
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