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hella aux driving lights wiring question
so here's a sort of random wiring question:  I bought some Hella value fit 500 LED driving lights, and they came with a harness.
The harness includes a 3 way rocker switch.  I didn't realize that the lights had a 2 position "On", 1 for marker/accent light, and 1 for full driving lights.  I also didn't realize that the kit came with a funny little oval switch that would be a bi*** to mount flush.  anyway, I already have an aux switch panel in the car, that has a number of vacant 2-way rocker switches.  in looking at the 3-way hella switch, it would be no trouble to route each of the 2 on positions for the lights to 2 diff 2-way rocker switches instead of using the hella 3-way switch.  my question is this: by routing to 2, 2-way switches, it will be possible for me to have the marker/accent feature On at the same time as the driving light feature.  on the hella single switch you had to choose.  am I going to cause an electrical issue if I use 2 switches and sometimes have the marker lights AND the driving lights on at the same time, which is a condition not possible using the hella 3-way?  I'm not sure why it would be a problem, but I can't find any Hella support to ask them

[Image: hella-lights.jpg]
The only potential problem I see is overheating, high power LEDs can put out a fair amount of heat. I would just get a single pole double throw rocker switch that will fit your switch panel.

Edit: you can get the 1P2T rocker switches in On-On or On-Off-On configurations.

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so this is not the way I planned it. the lights have a 3-way switch, the panel I want to use has a series of 2 way switches. my test bed here is my Bronco, so I can get it figured out before i do something similar in the mustang. the lights are working properly off the small oval 3-way, but I cannot figure out how to connect to the 2-way rocker. on the oval 3-way, the red wire goes to a relay that goes to the lights and the battery. the 2-way rocker panel has power from the battery, and each rocker has 1 terminal for power/accessory connection. i've got myself confused on how to connect the 3-way to a 2-way rocker. I don't need a 3-way, as I don't care about the 2nd position marker lights. I don't feel like experimenting because I've shorted out harnesses in the past. anyone have any ideas?

[Image: switch-panel-3-2.jpg]

[Image: switch-panel-under.jpg]
problem solved. I added a positive jumper between the 2-way and 3-way switch. I'll just leave the 3-way in the driving lights position, and the 2-way toggle turns on/off. wiring a switch to a switch is prob not how a pro would do it, but it works

[Image: switch-panel-jumper.jpg]
(10-12-2019, 04:56 PM)MustangNJ Wrote: problem solved.  I added a positive jumper between the 2-way and 3-way switch.  I'll just leave the 3-way in the driving lights position, and the 2-way toggle turns on/off.  wiring a switch to a switch is prob not how a pro would do it, but it works

Hang on-  So that 3 way switch has 3 wires: I'm guessing they're 12V+ (in), switched low (out), and switched high (out).  If you dont care about being able to switch between high and low, just figure out which wire is the switched output when the switch is set to hi, you can just cut that wire and attach it to the rocker switch in your panel and lose the 3 way switch entirely.  If you wanted to be able to run the low setting without having both high and low energized at the same time, and you have a second rocker switch you can use then you should be able to add a relay to switch between hi and low.  so basically one switch would turn the lights on/off and the second switch would switch between hi/low.  Either way you should be able to ditch that switch.


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