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hella aux driving lights wiring question
so here's a sort of random wiring question:  I bought some Hella value fit 500 LED driving lights, and they came with a harness.
The harness includes a 3 way rocker switch.  I didn't realize that the lights had a 2 position "On", 1 for marker/accent light, and 1 for full driving lights.  I also didn't realize that the kit came with a funny little oval switch that would be a bi*** to mount flush.  anyway, I already have an aux switch panel in the car, that has a number of vacant 2-way rocker switches.  in looking at the 3-way hella switch, it would be no trouble to route each of the 2 on positions for the lights to 2 diff 2-way rocker switches instead of using the hella 3-way switch.  my question is this: by routing to 2, 2-way switches, it will be possible for me to have the marker/accent feature On at the same time as the driving light feature.  on the hella single switch you had to choose.  am I going to cause an electrical issue if I use 2 switches and sometimes have the marker lights AND the driving lights on at the same time, which is a condition not possible using the hella 3-way?  I'm not sure why it would be a problem, but I can't find any Hella support to ask them

[Image: hella-lights.jpg]
The only potential problem I see is overheating, high power LEDs can put out a fair amount of heat. I would just get a single pole double throw rocker switch that will fit your switch panel.

Edit: you can get the 1P2T rocker switches in On-On or On-Off-On configurations.

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[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
so this is not the way I planned it. the lights have a 3-way switch, the panel I want to use has a series of 2 way switches. my test bed here is my Bronco, so I can get it figured out before i do something similar in the mustang. the lights are working properly off the small oval 3-way, but I cannot figure out how to connect to the 2-way rocker. on the oval 3-way, the red wire goes to a relay that goes to the lights and the battery. the 2-way rocker panel has power from the battery, and each rocker has 1 terminal for power/accessory connection. i've got myself confused on how to connect the 3-way to a 2-way rocker. I don't need a 3-way, as I don't care about the 2nd position marker lights. I don't feel like experimenting because I've shorted out harnesses in the past. anyone have any ideas?

[Image: switch-panel-3-2.jpg]

[Image: switch-panel-under.jpg]
problem solved. I added a positive jumper between the 2-way and 3-way switch. I'll just leave the 3-way in the driving lights position, and the 2-way toggle turns on/off. wiring a switch to a switch is prob not how a pro would do it, but it works

[Image: switch-panel-jumper.jpg]
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