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Heads up on a non shipper for eBay
When I set up my Ebay/Paypal stuff I made a point of not linking them to my bank or cc accounts. I think that is impossible now the way they have them set up, but to keep from having Paypal tie up all my account funds for even a small dispute (haven't had any yet) I use a specific account just for Ebay/Paypal and do not keep much money in the account, no more than I can accept losing. As soon as it hits that level, I take out the excess funds even if the transaction is not completely over. It is a simple easy thing to transfer money into the account if needed from my regular account. Not as easy to do with the credit card account, but a low limit can help control the damage.
I've been on ebay since 1998 and have sold and bought some pretty big items (ie: cars).

I have a separate account set up with paypal with no debit/credit card attached it.

[/url][Image: mbpsrsig3_zps456db2cb.png]

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