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Heads up light knob issue
I just ordered a new light switch knob from a big Mustang supplier because the chrome on mine was badly flaking. I got it yesterday, it comes with the long triangular rod, but it is a hair longer than the original. It also would not "click" into the light switch and catch. I had to file some burrs out of the rod recess where it catches, and had to file the point down to make it a little shorter so it would go all the way in and CLICK into place. It is working now, but I had to use and old light switch housing and mess around with it for a half hour or so to get it to work. And after all of that, it sits about 3/16" out from flush of the light bezel. But hey! It looks nice!! Also, the cigarette lighter knob, and the windshield wiper knobs worked and look good.

Good to know. I have a new one also and have not installed it yet.

Omie01, there were some headlight switch knobs that were on the market about a year ago that had several fitment problems such as you have  experienced. I remember a post from Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply about them and that he had removed them from his inventory. The supplier you used probably still had the old stock. About a week ago Don posted the availability of a new Wiper-Washer bezel and an Improved version of the headlight switch knob and shaft.
As a 71-73 owner, enthusiast, and forum supporter/member, Don understands what we go through trying to find anything for our cars and for them to actually fit. If you have any further problems I would suggest contacting Don and checking out his offerings.


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