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heads and manifold
is this a good deal for $300 FORD Mustang 351C 2 V Australian Heads Weiand 7516 Excelerator Intake Manifold

from what i have been reading here. without a total rebuild by adding the aussie heads, a new intake manifold and carb i can give my convertible a good increase in guts. is that all needed. I would just like a little more oomph than i am getting thanks george

of course it would be a great deal until you read at the bottom the heads weren't included sorry.
If it's $300 for just the intake it doesn't sound that great to me.

As you said, if it were $300 for the heads and intake, it would be a steal.


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Sure sounds good.
The bare heads probably are worth that.
Manifold's worth a hundred.

Don't forget to factor in the cost or redoing, or at least going through and checking, the heads before installing them.
If they are OE Ford valves (logo on the chamber face of the valve), throw them away without question.

Hopefully they won't need anything else; in that case... SCORE!!

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Yeah the Aussie 2bbl heads flow alot less hat high RPM, however at real world street RMP they are the Poo fer yer 351C. Lot'sa torque down low, where Ya need it.

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