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When i bought my car it had no headliner or interior trim. Theres some headliner trim on Ebay for sale. It looks like it has marks on them. Heres the link;

Are those marks permanent or can they be removed? With few options of obtaining a green interior i feel i may have to compromise on a concourse finish with the interior plastic trim A-Pillar trim needed also. I don't want to buy trim of another color and spray it the right color

1971 Grandé
Steve those trim parts are metal and can be painted any color
OMS;286809 Wrote:Steve those trim parts are metal and can be painted any color

Don is there a correct color match out there?
Is the A-Pillar trim metal too?

1971 Grandé
The trim pieces that ring the roof (aka, the 'halo' pieces) are metal... the pieces running down from the roof area (A-pillar, C-pillar) are plastic.

There are SEM colors that match the interiors of our cars.

NPD, Summit Racing, CJPP, etc., have many of the trim colors available. I know I bought something like 8 cans of SEM Black Metallic, Adhesion Promoter, Texture, etc., to restore all of my interior trim pieces. They all came out great - I'm really happy with 'em. thumb


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