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headliner installed, questions before windshield install
hey guys I successfully installed my new headliner with some searching and tips here on the site! I'm pleased with how it came out. now I i was wondering is it ok to install the headliner trim and a pillar trim before the front windshield goes back in? I'm working on polishing my door weather strip channels but in the mean time would like to make some progress. my dash pad is currently out as well as the rest of my interior . I was thinking start with the a pillars and headliner trim, sun visors etc and working my way towards the back. the fold down seat area with sail panels seems challenging.
No you will have to keep that trim off until the window goes back in. The window install can be very messy and you may need access from the interior for adjustment and correction and the trim will get in the way. Same with the back window except you have to install the sail panels first as they wrap under the window as well but you want everything out of the way for pulling the rubber basket into the channel
To help cut down on the mess check at your paint supplier and see if they keep the 3-M strip material for putting windshield in. It comes in various diameters. I use to put my rear window back in my F-150 and it worked great. I ordered off Amazon. Keep in mind it probably took them less than a minute to put that windshield in on the assembly line, lol. In sealing the windshield and rear window more is not necessarily good. Just a good seal all the way around then you can get the trim off in the future.
Good luck take some pics and post.

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I had Safelite install mine, and they didn't make a mess at all. But, it's still a good idea to wait just in case, as Dan and David said - stuff happens, and the adhesive/sealant is a major PITA to remove if it gets on something important.


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Thabks for the advice. I guess I will work on the sail panels. Then have front glass installed. A local place gave me a price of 365. Including new tinted windshield installed at my home. I'm debating to see if they have an old car guy who can do the back window
When u say wrap under rear window for sail panels. Do you mean the litter bit of fabric is glue to the underside on the window opening?
Be sure to glue the headliner with careful attention to sealing it to the pinch welds. It's common for water to get around the headliner and rear window seal and leak out on the inner quarter trim panels.
am I right in thinking the sail panel fabric on the top glues under window ledge not wrapping around it? and not sure what the thin strip of material on the back is for I don't see how you could tie it etc
the headliner and sail panels tops wrap around the window ledge of the glass. then you are suppose to trim the material back so you have 1/8"- 1/4" overlap on the top of the ledge. contact cement is used to glue the material around the ledge.

A closed cell foam tape is used for the rear window. it overlaps the ledge and the headliner/sail material to stop water from getting in between the ledge and the sail/headliner.

next the rear window gets a rubber gasket this goes around the window and on top of the foam tape. you then pull the seal back around the ledge so it sandwiches the foam tape and the headliner/sail panel tops and wraps around the back side of the ledge pulling the headliner and sail tighter around the ledge.

once the rear window is fully seated you go back with glazing sealer and fill in the remaining gap.

before all this started you also needed to replace the chrome trim clips(any missing ones and any missing mounts) you cannot do this once the glass is set in place.

the chrome trim is then installed to complete the rear window

the front window uses glazing putty and sealer to install there is no rubber seal like the rear window. again contact cement is used to install the headliner wrapped around the window ledge and then Cut back so 1/8-1/4" is exposed on the top allowing for the putty and sealer to close off water entrance into the headliner.
make any repairs to the chrome trim clips first before starting.


this is why the headliner needs to be installed before the glass. the junky way of doing it without removing the glass is using a putty knife to try and push the headliner into the sealing putty on the front window and into the backside of the rubber seal on the back window to hold it.

usually this results in
1) a loose headliner
2) a ripped headliner from the putty knife
3) a water leak caused by seal damage.
4) etc....
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