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Headlight Wiring Harness
I spoke to the owner of Alloy Metal Products today about the concours wiring harnesses they makes for our cars. I have their heavy duty battery cables and their ALT harness in my car. I dont think i have been able to buy a better made replacement part for my car. They are better than factory but look exactly like factory originals. The only part i need to make the electrical system under the hood like new is the headlight harness. Alloy Metals said they made a 1971 harness on a special order once but cannot get the specs from FORD to make them for concours for 72-73 which are a little different. He said he would make them if there was a demand but he hasnt had requests from the distributors. He said his minimum order is 25 pieces because the connectors are heat sealed on the wires and all the gauges and colors would match Ford originals. I am asking if anyone else here with 72-73 would have interest in buying a headlight harness for their cars? I know the harness for the 69-70 is around $250 bucks so they arent cheap. But it is the only electrical part under the hood that is not currently available. Anyone interested?
so i guess that is a unanimous "pass" by the 7173 community. oh well. now where did i leave that roll of electrical tape...
I know NPD carries the one for the 71's.......


However, not sure that this would work for the 72/3

71's different than 72-73
Keep in mind
72 vs 73 would be different as to
72 Mach 1 vs non Mach 1 grille lights
73 no lower valance parking lights and they had a 3 wire grille light
Then there is tach vs non tach cars
I think there is about 5-6 headlight harness versions for the 71-3's
That's what is hurting the reproduction of the 71's harnesses

The 71 harness Alloy made was for Mach 1 with tach - retail was about 400.00
But they do make nice stuff - real nice stuff.

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all true Don! and the response here would suggest not enough demand yet.
wwhite72;130224 Wrote:all true Don! and the response here would suggest not enough demand yet.

This is the first time I've seen this post. I would be interested!

- Travis

I'm an analog man in a digital world.
I have a few headlight harnesses that can be refurbished in stock: only $100 if you send in a core.

Recycle and don't buy repro!

Let me check your shorts!

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I appreciate that offer ML. My original is intact and hasnt caused much of a problem yet. that's YET. i say that because last year i was rinsing off some cleaner under the hood and the hose was briefly directed at a part of the harness by the drivers headlight. This caused the 40yr old tape to come loose and the wires to touch or something and the headlight flickered. So i unwound some of the harness, found a section that looked like it could be the problem. cut it out, spliced, etc etc... works fine ever since. But it took me an hour to scrape off the black decomposing adhesive from my hands that came off the original part. Only served to remind me that the original electrical system was very simple and low voltage and is now old and brittle. since i have changed every other electrical part under the hood i figured a shiney new harness by AMP would avoid probs down the (side of the) road. And they are better than Ford originals and are concours.
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