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Headlight switch
Don't take it the wrong way, BUT many know a lot more than I and I'm losing patients and thought I'd be driving by now. All lights work OK except dash. Is it the reastat on the switch gone or could be something else.

Alan L

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Alan L
Fuse 3 feeds dash lights. Lite blue wire with red stripe on both sides of fuse. 4 amp fuse.

If the radio and windshield wiper work it is not the fuse. Maybe check to see if you got the harness pluged all the way into the circuit board. I know it's hard to see and a little tricky to plug in right. Good luck.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

ThanksSmile I'll check it out

Alan L

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Alan L
Don't do like I did. Worked on my dash and lights for 3 days and the only thing wrong was the light switch was turned all the way down so no lights.

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Good post, Nance. reporting the mistakes we all make is as good as expert advice in my book.

I may have missed this in an earlier post but did you have your dash out ? Did you change the dash light bulbs at all? I'm asking because if you changed the dash light bulbs check to make sure they are making good contact with the printed circuit.

Last year when I changed my dash lights to LED's I had to screw around and adjust all the tabs to make sure they made contact, and the other day I noticed my fuel gauge light wasn't coming on....so back to screwing around with it.

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new circuitboard and all new bulbs. I did bend tabsn all bulb holders to make them tight.

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Alan L
I have some issues with the headlight switch too... in my case, every light this switch commands, after some minutes, thet start to flash... they turn on and off and it is very anoying!!... Besides, my dashlights are TOO damn pale that i almost cant see the instruments...

An electrician told me that my switch is getting hotter because of the relays in it... He may not know anything but i´ll start by changing the switch because the rest is all original and should work ok...

Damián Cool

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if your switch is turning on and off that means the Circuit breaker inside the switch has gone bad or is overloading.

I had an issue with the switch turning on and off because i used 85 Watt Halogen headlights and the system was overloading the circuit breaker then flicking on and off. i had to use 35watt reproduction ford headlights which stopped the problem from occurring at loss of brighter lights at night.

the safest way to put in larger headlights is to use a Relay system, so the headlights switch drives a low power relay that allows the headlights on a separate circuit to get a full 12Volt feed off the battery, the switch will not pull the amps from that system and overload.

as far as the dash not working, there is a small fuse for the dash lights i think its a 7A pull it out of the fuse box.
use a volt meter turn on the headlights switch and place positive on the fuse ear, and place Negative on the car body, any bare metal and see if you get 12 volts. if you get 12 volts without the fuse, use an ohm meter on the fuse you can get defective fuses its all made in china junk now. either way try replacing the fuse and make sure the fuse ears in the fuse box are clean with no Green build up on the connections.

Now check is only the main instrument cluster lights not working or is it the entire dash.

if you have center gauges see if they are lit up, is the gear shifter light if you have an automatic working.

if just the instrument cluster lights are out and all the other lights are working, check the High and low beam light is the horse lighting up?
are the turn signal indicators working?
does the Brake light come on when your starting the car?

all this will help pin point whats not working.

lets say all the other lights and gauges work but the main instrument lights are still out.

reach behind the dash you will be able to grab hold of one of the little twist on light holders, with the dash working, mess with it untwist and twist it, take it out and put a 9volt battery on it make sure the light actaully works. if it still won't light up, then pull the dash cluster.

unplug the main harness, and get out your volt meter and test the one connector that powers the lights, an osbourn manual will really help figuring out what connector you want.

if the connector is getting power then you will need to test the circuit board. use some alligator clips and a 9 or 12 volt battery and manually power the dash and verify you can get the lights to work.

I had to go through this because i kept having bad contacts with the little twist in light holders. i used dielectric grease on all connections to try and reduce oxidation problems. i also had bad contact with a fuse once that knocked out my A/C blower fan, just a little oxidation and things don't work.

I also had issues with the reproduction circuit boards making contact with the main harness plug, clean everything up with a pencil eraser and i used dielectric grease on the connections and i made sure the circuit board connections at the harness connector lined up 100% i kept having to go back and forth resetting the connection because i would knock out my turn signals, or then 1 or 2 bulbs on the speedometer or tach would go out and i would have to reset it to get them to light up. very annoying dealing with old oxidized connections.

1) first make sure power is getting to the fuse box.

2) then make sure its getting through the fuse itself.

3) diagnose exactly what is out on the dash to pinpoint the problem. if all the lights are out then you know you need to look at the fuse box, and the main harness.
if just the main dash lights are out but the center works and the warning and gauges work then you know its an issue either with the plug in connector or the individual lights themselves.

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