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Hello All, Please forgive my stupid question...Is the headlight on buzzer/reminder and the key buzzer/reminder working off of the same relay or are there 2 relays/buzzers? My key reminder/buzzer is working great.

I have an unused plug above the glove box that ONLY gets power when I TURN ON the running/headlights. May this plug be for the headlight on reminder/buzzer???

If this is the case where can I find a relay/buzzer? Thanks in advance guys!

Old Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Not a stupid question at all.  First I'll point out my experience is based on my heavily optioned 73 vert. So 71 and 72s and cars with fewer options and/or a rear window defroster may be different.

The lights on relay is separate from the key reminder Although in my testing I found they share the same buzzer. I believe the key when inserted completes the circuit and trips the buzzer when the door is opened without a relay. Whereas the headlight switch trips a relay (above the glovebox) when pulled to turn on the parking lights which trips the (same key reminder) buzzer when the door is opened. As an aside, there is a separate buzzer on the panel above the glove box for the seat belt reminder/buzzer.

I know the key reminder and light-on use the same buzzer because when I tested various scenarios on the circuit in my car (i.e. no key and lights on, then open door) I hear a buzzer. Then with the door open, I put the key in and I hear the same single buzzer (not two buzzers). Then with the key still in and the door still open, I turn off the lights and I hear the same buzzer for the key.  On the other hand, I notice that with the car out of park (i.e. D/N/R) and no seat belt (fully retracted) the seat belt buzzer goes on along with the seat belt warning light on the dash (a 73 model year feature). If I then open the door with the car still out of park the key reminder buzzer goes on and I can distinctly hear two separate buzzers... seat belt and key reminder.

I once put together the diagram below from a picture of my cars panel. I think its accurate, but I have never had an expert confirm it. If you click on the picture it will enlarge in a separate browser window.

[Image: 73_Mustang_Circuit_Panel_Above_Glove_Box.jpg]

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Thanks for the info Rich! I have this connector above my glove box...On this connector there's ONLY power to it when the park/running/headlights are turned on. So I thought (wishful thinking) that would be the connector for the headlights on buzzer/relay. 

On another note...Thanks again for the parking brake cable, got it finally installed! Also, I have the wiring for the parking light but no actual switch on the parking brake pedal.

Old Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Looking at the wiring diagram, it appears that there is only a relay for the headlight to connect it to the buzzer. The key in switch wire is black/pink hash, the red/pink stripe wire comes from the door jam switch, and the headlight on wire is brown. The black/pink hash wire, from the key in switch, and the pink/red stripe wire, from the door jam switch, connect directly to the buzzer. The relay has the brown wire, from the headlights, that activates the relay and then a black/pink hash wire that runs from the relay to the buzzer. There is also a pink/white stripe wire that runs to the seat-back relay from the buzzer.

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Thanks Don C, since everything on the car works electrically I've closed up my dash area!

Old Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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