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Hello All, Please forgive my stupid question...Is the headlight on buzzer/reminder and the key buzzer/reminder working off of the same relay or are there 2 relays/buzzers? My key reminder/buzzer is working great.

I have an unused plug above the glove box that ONLY gets power when I TURN ON the running/headlights. May this plug be for the headlight on reminder/buzzer???

If this is the case where can I find a relay/buzzer? Thanks in advance guys!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Not a stupid question at all.  First I'll point out my experience is based on my heavily optioned 73 vert. So 71 and 72s and cars with fewer options and/or a rear window defroster may be different.

The lights on relay is separate from the key reminder Although in my testing I found they share the same buzzer. I believe the key when inserted completes the circuit and trips the buzzer when the door is opened without a relay. Whereas the headlight switch trips a relay (above the glovebox) when pulled to turn on the parking lights which trips the (same key reminder) buzzer when the door is opened. As an aside, there is a separate buzzer on the panel above the glove box for the seat belt reminder/buzzer.

I know the key reminder and light-on use the same buzzer because when I tested various scenarios on the circuit in my car (i.e. no key and lights on, then open door) I hear a buzzer. Then with the door open, I put the key in and I hear the same single buzzer (not two buzzers). Then with the key still in and the door still open, I turn off the lights and I hear the same buzzer for the key.  On the other hand, I notice that with the car out of park (i.e. D/N/R) and no seat belt (fully retracted) the seat belt buzzer goes on along with the seat belt warning light on the dash (a 73 model year feature). If I then open the door with the car still out of park the key reminder buzzer goes on and I can distinctly hear two separate buzzers... seat belt and key reminder.

I once put together the diagram below from a picture of my cars panel. I think its accurate, but I have never had an expert confirm it. If you click on the picture it will enlarge in a separate browser window.

[Image: 73_Mustang_Circuit_Panel_Above_Glove_Box.jpg]

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Thanks for the info Rich! I have this connector above my glove box...On this connector there's ONLY power to it when the park/running/headlights are turned on. So I thought (wishful thinking) that would be the connector for the headlights on buzzer/relay. 

On another note...Thanks again for the parking brake cable, got it finally installed! Also, I have the wiring for the parking light but no actual switch on the parking brake pedal.

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Looking at the wiring diagram, it appears that there is only a relay for the headlight to connect it to the buzzer. The key in switch wire is black/pink hash, the red/pink stripe wire comes from the door jam switch, and the headlight on wire is brown. The black/pink hash wire, from the key in switch, and the pink/red stripe wire, from the door jam switch, connect directly to the buzzer. The relay has the brown wire, from the headlights, that activates the relay and then a black/pink hash wire that runs from the relay to the buzzer. There is also a pink/white stripe wire that runs to the seat-back relay from the buzzer.

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Thanks Don C, since everything on the car works electrically I've closed up my dash area!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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