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Header Paint
After seeing a video posted here about molasses for rust removal, I set up a vat and soaked a few parts....a set of headers was one of the parts. The molasses was nothing short of amazing...now I have a bare set of headers in need of paint. They aren't worth the cost of ceramic coating but I'd like to use something that has some chance of surviving. In the past, I've tried various high temp paints without any long term success.

I've read that the VHT paint works well if properly cured. I'd like to hear experiences good or bad with various high temp header coatings.

Powder coat? Not sure how it would hold up. the local coating place here in town told me they do them all the time though. Quoted me $75 to do a set.
They make high temp powder coatings.
Eastwood has rattle can high temp paint with an extension tube for coating the inside of headers

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The headers need to be 100% clean. Like bead blasted clean. Then Use the VHT hi-temp primer and top coat EXACTLY the way VHT says to use it. I did a set of shorties on a Fox 5.0 that last for over 4 years until I sold the car. Don C's Eastwood suggest sounds very good if you could get the inside of the headers super clean. Chuck
I used the VHT paint as directed and it is hanging in there great.

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For those that have used the VHT, did you use the primer, base, and clear coat? How did you cure the paint? They discuss both on and off the car methods. I'd prefer to do it off the car but I don't have anywhere to bake them.
I'm having a set done by my local paint and blast place. They talked me into the ceracoat. Seemed like a good deal, they clean and prep inside and outside. They use an insulating coat on the inside good up to 2,500 degrees then coat the outside in gloss black good up to 2000 degrees. About a week turnaround but not a bad deal at $200.
That is a VERY good price. Well done. Post Pics when you get them back. Chuck
I will went with the black over the chrome as the price was double for the chrome treatment and was only good to 850 degrees. She was honest with me and said it gets cloudy from the heat after about a year.
.... and don't break your cam in with coated headers, you'll cook the coating right off.

I found through my own and many friend's experiences, that the coatings are not the be-all, end-all that the companies tout them to be. They will burn off, will rust through and will look dull after usage. I myself just went with POR-15 header paint and was happy with the results. It also wore off over the years, but was only $20 to freshen it up... Smile

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