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HD auto transmission option
that was easy. now if someone could only tell me how many 73 Mex Mach 1's came with a 4sp.....Marti does not deal with foreign VIN's.

That's something many of us here have been trying to sort out for awhile. I've been trying to track down a Mexican Ford dealer Parts catalog such as a parts dept here in the states would use. Not had much success as I believe it would be easier to find out what is really in Area 51 here. That still wouldn't give us any production figures but would help figure out  what was used to build the Mexican cars.

Since the bodies were shipped to Mexico as incomplete or Knock Down kits, they were not "Vin'd" and therefore would not be in Ford's US database. These would be treated the same as any other vehicle built outside the Continental US. The Export models are a different category. They are domestically built with a US vin for the sole purpose of being sold as a complete running vehicle outside the States. Many of those had export only low compression engines (depending on the ship to country) and equipment that would not normally be available on stateside cars.
Mexico had some very strong content laws on component content of  vehicles manufactured there. The engine, transmission and differential were manufactured and supplied to the La Villa plant from local Mexico manufacturing  plants. The 351W engine and transmissions were Mexican built but the differential was a Dana unit since Ford did not manufacture 8" or 9" units in Mexico. It does seem strange to see the gold painted valve covers and air cleaner on a 71-73 Ford since they were last used here in 1965.

Unless someone at the La Villa assembly plant  had the foresight to save the original invoices such as Lois Eminger did here , I afraid we may never be able to sort out any production or content numbers.

Can someone with ties to Ford de Mexico help us?      shrug


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
yeah, basically all I really know in terms of production numbers is that Mach 1's were only offered in 73, and there only 600 made. what I don't know is how many were 4spd, etc
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