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hard to fill my gas tank with any speed
so for a long time i have to slowly fill my gas tank .i can't use the first click on the hose nozzle  .if i do it starts to back up and run out as i fill . anybody else have this problem ?  what might the problem be ?
thanks for any help
isn't there a breather vent somewhere? If there is then its blocked, old rule of air behind water, or gas in this case.
look in engine bay. on passenger side to firewall. there should be a canister there. that is the vent/filter for the tank. might be bad. i removed mine for it was ugly and replaced it with a gas filter fitted to the tubing and other end open to air.
How far into the fill tube are you putting the nozzle?
The only 'vent' during filling is out the filler neck around the nozzle.
As I recall from my days as a gas jockey (before the opec embargo and the resulting low cost self serve stations) most all cars had to be finessed to take fuel quickly. Mustangs, Mavericks, Cougars, Comets - all were finicky. GMs with the filler behind the license plate less so. You learned how far and at what angle to fill different cars. Of course we didn't have splash guards on the nozzle that will impede venting if the nozzle is all the way in either.
When they started putting the special Unleaded Fuel Only plates in filler necks you couldn't jam the nozzle all the way down & the plate has vents above the nozzle hole so it wasn't a problem.
My '69 has no vent other than the cap and I can fill the 20 gal tank on the 2nd or even Full blast as long as I don't put the nozzle all the way in.
Stay with the nozzle, learn how far in and at what angle your car likes to take fuel and you should be able to speed thing up.


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In Canada, our gas pump fillers only have a large rubber splash / vapour guard near the trigger. They don't have the long flexible tube over the nozzle as in the US. Even with these, I can't put the nozzle in too far or it will back-splash. However, if your tank is really slow filling, your vent tube in the tank may be blocked. To check this, you will likely need to remove the filler tube in the trunk to see it if you can't get an inspection camera in there. Other than that, I agree with Bob's comments
Here's a pic of the tube.
I have the same problem. Need to hold the nozzle at an angle
and can't use the "ratchet" to auto fill. At the end a little gas
always spills over.


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yea, me too ^^^

I swear that that the pumps were slower back in the day when gas was 50 cent

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