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The machinations of the NFL continue to amaze me.
It will be Colin's 10th start as an NFL quarterback.
Then there is the Brothers hype.
The latest Vegas line is all Niners but they only hit
50% this weekend.


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
Man, how long has it been since the Niners were in a SB? 18 years? Whew, that and I refuse to believe in the odds makers. Niners were getting schooled in the 1st Q but finally the D held the line and Vernon Davis finally woke up. Least to say I'm looking a lot older because of that NFC championship game, lol. help

I say the Niners have an uphill battle against them. Ravens are on fire and Ray Lewis is leading the charge for one last hurrah. But I'll keep believing and keep the faith that the Niners will edge them out. The Ravens aren't a juggernaught, but they will probably be the fiercest warriors the Niners will face on the field. This will be one hell of a battle. Big Grin


Really? I thought this may be the only safe haven from this crap!
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