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Gunk Carburetor & Parts Cleaner with Drip Basket
I'm going to rebuild a spare carburetor for my 6 cylinder 250 CI Carter 1bbl carburetor. The Gunk Carburetor and Parts Cleaner with Drip Basket  is available local at Advance Auto for $27.99 plus a discount coupon of $5.60 for a total of $22.39. 

I see another brand on Amazon called Chem Drip for $29.99 with free shipping. 

Amazon also has the same Gunk cleaner as Advance Auto, but is priced at $34.99 (with free shipping Haha ). 

Anyone have any experience using one of these or any other brand? Or should I just use a spray carb cleaner instead of the soaking basket?

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I've used the Chem Dip bucket with the basket, it works but nothing like the old (pre-environmentally safe) stuff did. I haven't tried the Gunk, but it seems to be better rated. Maybe I'll try it next time.

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I used the Berrymans Chem tool from O'Reilly.

Seemed to work OK.

I have used the Chem Dip on old carbs from my motorcycles, as well as other parts and left in for a few days, did help clean things up a bit but I have found that a full disassemble, some carb cleaner and maybe an ultra sonic cleaning is faster and gives better results. I usually keep an old "E" string from a guitar to go through the passages on the jets and make sure that the low idle and fast idle jets were cleaned out very well. I have not taken my Cleveland carb apart yet, don't know what type of jets it has but I plan to do everything with carb cleaner and a 15 minute or so ultra sonic cleaning. I also always had a can of brasso and q-tips available for the float and needle seat on those carbs as they would leak like crazy if not cleaned properly.

I have use Gunk years ago and it was a good product. No recent experience. I also have an ultrasonic cleaner and that thing is pretty amazing. I ran some seemingly clean Dellorto carbs through mine and it was pretty surprising to see a cloud of stuff floating out of the carbs when I turned it on. Chemical cleaners have their place, but adding motion to the cleaning media makes a huge difference. I had some non-operational horns that I tossed in just to see what would happen. They now sound great.

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