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Guage feed wiring harness question. Trying to repair after engine fire...
Hey everyone.   I'm new here and in the middle of trying to get my parents 1972 Sprint back to 100%.  Interior is completed and while my father was letting it idle one day it caught fire.  While it was being repaired we decided to rebuild the transmission and engine.  

My question is the wiring that burnt..  some if it was no longer attached as it burnt and broke apart.  The part that I'm replacing are the 3 plugs that go under the car to the console, so I can just splice in wire there without having to figure out where it goes.

The ones I'm unsure of so far (as once we get the engine dropped back in I'm sure there will be more) is the gauge feed harness.  I ordered a replacemental that goes to the plug under the hood with 3 wires.  I understand those are oil pressure switch, temp switch, and coil wire.  My concern is the harness that is on the car has 5 wires.  4 in one harness and 1 by itself.  Im not sure if they are used in our application or not, as I remember one not being connected,  but they are in the harness.  

First attached picture is the part # for the harness that looks like what I have.

The other ones are my harness and what the two ends look like that I am unsure what they are for.  I didn't attach a picture of the 3 wire harness I received in error as its the common one that comes up everywhere.  

Car specs :
Original 2 barrel (going 4 on the rebuild with am aluminum intake)
No ac
drum brakes
Dummy lights no tach

Thanks for any help


[Image: Screenshot_2018_06_20_20_15_15.png]

[Image: 20180620_182233.jpg]

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Every year from 71 to 73, the engine bay plugs changed configuration. In 72, the main engine gauge feed harness had 4 pins, not 3. The single wire with black/green hashes is for an optional AC clutch feed. Your first picture shows the neutral safety switch/backup and seat belt warning relays. The last picture is for the carb anti-stall or some other type of run-only device.

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[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

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Great. So I can use this harness as we have no AC or electric choke.....

I will research how these seat belt relays as I did not know they weren't just plugs. Are they locally available?

Thanks so much for your help.
Below are the wires going to the transmission you talked about, correct? (Seatbelt, etc)

Can these be replaced with regular modern plugs as I rewire them?

If not, what are my options? Need to do the wiring on Saturday. ...

[Image: 20180620_182436.jpg]
If you don't have it already, I would recommend getting yourself a the 1972 FORD MUSTANG COLORIZED WIRING DIAGRAMS MANUAL ON CD. It will give you wire colors and descriptions and plug illustrations. It also has Vacuum Diagrams. I have it for my 1973 mustang and it is very helpful.

On eBay:


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I do think I would just replace the entire wire harness. If you had that fire there was a reason. Could have been electrical or just gas catching fire. With all the damage I would be afraid to use any existing wiring. Midlife can rebuild you one that will be safe for sure. I do not have any for 302 and the harness is very specific to what options are on the car. They are not plug and play one size fits all.
I would also suggest you put a quick connect on your battery and never leave the battery hooked up to your car. Critters can do strange things to wiring.

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I will order that now. The source of this fire was a cheap fuel filter that he had installed near the distributor. It caught fire and lit off at the front of the engine. Luckily he caught it before it did too much damage (except for the gauge feed and plugs at the back of the engine heading towards the transmission.
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