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Group 24F vs 27F battery?
Went over to a buddies shop and cracked open an old interstate battery catalog…

Looked up the 71 and it said Group 24F

Went and bought a 24F and it seems like the tray was built for something longer… Like a 27F

What is the deal?  Honestly I don't mind running the smaller battery since every pound counts on the car… But what is correct?

Thanks for your time,
I recalled some good info regarding this on the famous "429 Megasite". This is from near the bottom of the Charging System page:

"For 1971, Ford offered both a Group 24 and a 27 battery, but the 429 Mustang/Cougar used only the 27F."

Excellent reference! Now I am curious if the trays were all the same.
The HD battery (27-F) was standard on the Boss and 429 cars and was optional on all other models. There were two Torino sourced battery trays used on the Mustang. DOOZ-10732-A for the standard battery and DOOZ-10732-B for the HD battery.
The dimensions for the 24 series battery (W) 6 13/16"     (L) 10 3/4"     (H) 8 61/64"   
The dimensions for the 27 series battery (W)  6 13/16"    (L) 12 1/2"     (H) 9 9/64"


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
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Conclusion is that I have a feeler out to Ohio Mustang. I am going to purchase the smaller tray, and put the larger one on dust collection duty in the garage.
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