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does anyone know of a diagram showing the ground locations on a 72 mach 1?
Really simple

Battery (-)
Lower screw on voltage regulator
Ground bolt on lower passenger front of block

Go to top of page and go to Mustang Data. There is complete wiring diagram for each year.


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These cars aren't like modern cars that are half plastic and have specific grounding locations. Hemikiller listed the main critical grounding points from the battery. Because these cars' bodies are all bolted or welded together most any metal point on them provides a ground. Just make sure the metal is clean and use internal star lock washers to bite into the metal. A little aluminum or copper based anti-seize compound will help prevent rust and help with the ground. However, for a high current draw or sensitive device (like a larger stereo amplifier) I would run a dedicated ground cable that is the same size as the main power feed cable.

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There are several grounds under the dash also 4 or 5 from memory depending on options package you have. There are ground wires for the headlight wire harness on each side of the front of the radiator support. I use the electrical grease on any ground, bulb or plug connection. Have used for year on trailer and camper lights and they work much better. Keeps any corrosion off. You can get at parts store where the RTV sealer is located usually. Good for spark plug boots and distributor boots.

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thanks! I thought there was more than one...
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