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ground cable for 1973 with a 351 cleveland
Just bought new cables from Marti. The ground cable has two lugs. I am not sure where there conneted to the block or frame. The ground cable that was on the car when I bought it was hooked to the block up front and I think that was done for ease of installation. Any help would be great.

Goes, battery neg terminal, centre tab goes to the voltage regulator body and chassis. Lower front bolt of VR, then engine block.
Yep, what "72Hcode" said. I am having all kinds of problems killing my VR's and exterior lights acting funny. Mine doesnt connect to the chassis just the batt to the block. I'm correcting mine tomorrow.
Mine had Neg Terminal, then the tab was under the little distribution block on the fender near the voltage regulator, then engine block, but I'm going to move the tab. Make sure you scuff up the surface so that you get a good connection at both locations.

2013 Ford Focus SE Flex Fuel 5spd - Daily Driver
It should be noted that even if you do not have a cable with an intermediate ground tab, you can always make a cable with crimped type ring connecters and install it to the negative post and the apron sheet metal. Some battery cables come with an additional smaller gauge wire that can also be utilized.
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