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Grill Modification
I'm modifying my front end. Lowered the bumper and moved it back, then mounted the spoiler right to the bumper. I've got a 6-inch gap between the grill and bumper to fill in. I'm thinking of doing a sheet of blacked-out diamond plate on the original grill opening. Air for the radiator would come in through that 6-inch gap, in the center. Here are some of the other ideas I'm considering.
.jpg   GRLbrakeAndLights.jpg (Size: 22.13 KB / Downloads: 129)
.jpg   GRLbrakesOnly.jpg (Size: 23.59 KB / Downloads: 124)
.jpg   GRLlightsAndLights.jpg (Size: 23.03 KB / Downloads: 122)
.jpg   GRLlightsOnly.jpg (Size: 15.75 KB / Downloads: 127)

I'd like to do small round lights as running lights, and move them up into the grill insert where the rectangular lights are now. If I do the rectangular pieces under the headlights, those can be cooling ducts for the disc brakes, and I can mount amber LEDS in there to make the brake duct also function as my turn signal. I was thinking of using a bright mesh screen across the whole opening there so it's not all black in the front. I also don't want it to be too "busy." Any suggestions you have will be gratefully considered.
I always say go with what makes you happy, and I'll support you. Personally, I think the last one on the bottom looks best. It may be plain jane to some, but the 'stang by itself has enough wow factor for me.

Just my 2 cents,



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I like my 73 with the stock honeycomb grill as it is. But if your modifiing to your taste I'm leaning towards the first picture.

[Image: DSCF8162.jpg]

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

I would do the bottom one and get rid of the blinkers in the grille
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