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Greetings All! Glad to find this Forum!

.jpg   Mach-1.jpg (Size: 74.81 KB / Downloads: 1,690) Nice to see other folks who enjoy the 71-73 Stangs. I have loved these cars since my sister brought home her brand new 71 coupe when I was a kid. The two I have now were my first cars. I have owned them for 30 years. My 73 Mach-1 was my daily driver for 10 years. The 72 GT-351 was produced in Mexico City as their Hi-Po model that year. Their version of a Boss-351.
Very nice car sir...And welcome too the forums...best 71-73 chatty place hands down "i think" hehe....wish i was closer to check her out my self..you will have to post some more pics...interior and such...got anything power? ..does it have a buck tag too? just be neat too see the diffrence between codes and such...we get some very unusual mustangs roll threw here alot...lol
cool rides and welcome from Nashville!

[Image: adpic.jpg]
GT-351 engine. Stock black and gold colors

GT-351 interior.

Gt-351 fender emblem

GT-351 data plate

Front end

hyena429 The Mach-1 Has power steering and brakes and A/C. Stil has the buck tag on the radiator support. The Mexican car is just Power steering and brakes. It is a heater delete car.

Attached Files
.jpg   GT-351 engine.jpg (Size: 90.2 KB / Downloads: 121)
.jpg   gt-351 interior.jpg (Size: 83.26 KB / Downloads: 120)
.jpg   GT-351 badge.jpg (Size: 51.92 KB / Downloads: 118)
.jpg   gt-351 dataplate.jpg (Size: 80.89 KB / Downloads: 118)
.jpg   gt-351 front.jpg (Size: 88.39 KB / Downloads: 115)
Very cool...The motor colors are almost the same as a old mercury marader my dad had when i was growing up...It was painted the same way...Black block with gold valve covers and air cleaner...And yes i heard there was a heater delete in early mexico mustangs..and some other countries where the temp realy didnt get low enough too need it.....I guess like selling freezers too eskimos..lol

Interesting car you own...It kinda sucks you cant get much data on it....Its defenatly rare and special...and great looking car to boot..lol.....Looks like console and clock option...does she got deluxe or regular door pannels? and factory tack? lets see that dash too..hehe...thats if you got a picture...i like to compare interiors too..see if they did anything diffrent too your mexico version than ours.
Hey thanks. They have been a pleasure to own all these years. Looks like you have a nice 73 yourself. Fun to drive except for the backing up or parallel parking thing. HAHAHA!
Beautiful cars man!! Both look incredible!!
Welcome aboard from Wisconsin. Very cool cars you have.

[Image: 36319488731_8f2a376549_z.jpg]
73 Mach 1 Mustang
89 Dodge Shadow ES
94 Jeep Wrangler

welcome From Australia!

Very nice stock indeed.


Great looking car. Welcome from North Carolina!

[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
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