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Green Cleveland
Anyone ever seen Ford engine blocks that were painted Green?

I have a 73 Cleveland block that has green paint every where, not a trace of Blue.

I spoke with a friend who was in the Service for Ford dealers for many years and he says he's seen green engines/blocks before from rebuilders who were authorized by FoMoCo to supply replacement engines to dealers.

Any of y'all heard of this? My engine also has a wadded up aluminum tag that is affixed to the block just above the pan rail that I suspect is a rebuilder's tag. I'll have to get the block upended on the stand to unfold it and see what it actually is.

Fred Jones Remanufacturing used green paint. He was an authorized FORD rebuilder for a long time. Chuck
c9zx;246839 Wrote:Fred Jones Remanufacturing used green paint. He was an authorized FORD re-builder for a long time. Chuck

good read on the company http://www.okhistory.org/publications/en...ntry=FR009
That's kinda what I was suspecting from finding the tag affixed to the block. When I get a better look at it I'll post a pic if it is indeed a rebuilder tag.
Fred Jones

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