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This post isn't so much about the quality of the product as it is about the customer service I received after finding an issue with the above noted dash pad I purchased through one of their suppliers.

As my restoration has progressed to the point of some interior installation, I was finally able to take out the new dash pad this past Saturday that I had purchased last May, 2016. Upon inspecting the pad, I noticed an apparent defect that for my purposes rendered this dash pad useless...

Given that I bought in almost 10 months ago, that I was 250 miles away from where I bought it and in another country, I decided to approach the mfr. directly with my concern.

I explained my situation, was upfront about how, where and when I bought the pad and provided pictures of the defects as well as a copy of the bill of sale.

First thing Monday morning (yesterday), the General Sales Manager contacted me and without further questioning stated that they would replace the dash pad immediately. I received my UPS tracking # today and the new pad is on its way directly to my home here in Ontario.

They asked for nothing in return, simply that they wanted me to be a satisfied customer... In this day in age, this is what I would deem as outstanding customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to keep their customers happy.

Before sending it out today, they opened the new dash pad packaging to ensure that it meets their mfr. quality and to ensure that I get what I need...

I learned many years ago that _hit happens..., it is how that is cleaned up that makes or breaks a relationship. Just a first rate organization... can't thank them enough. Look forward to receiving the new dash pad in a few days. Highly recommend this dash pad mfr...
[Image: faulty_direct_dash3.jpg]

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