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Grease for Door Window Hardware and Sliders
So I'm about to seal up my inner doors with new door panels, which took a lot of work to restore...

What is the best type of grease to lube all the inner door stuff?
My 67 doesn't have the center post style a 72 has.  I'd not seen this where the window runs up and down the center
post with a nylon/plastic type bushing.

Any thoughts?
[Image: 20180406_221303_1.jpg]
Great Stuff!
The label says it all!

mustang7173 Thankyouyellow

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I used white lithium grease, seems to be working well!!
In one of the WCCC videos related to door panels / hardware, they suggest using this:


I've used it recently in lubing up my window regulator / slides and door parts. Seems to go on nice, doesnt harden and not bothered by temperature.

I have the Red # 2 on my window tracks/roller guide channels. I know I have recommended in the past. I am not happy with how it does not stay on the window Run & Bracket assembly tube. I started to look again and found several recommendations for Genuine Ford Fluid XL-10 Mini-Vent Window Lube - 4 oz. and Genuine Ford Fluid XG-8 PTFE Lubricant - 3 oz.

I found this VMF thread:


I have the Ford stuff on order. I will update my post after applying the new Ford Lube.

mustang7173 Thankyouyellow

"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway" -- John Wayne
I also use the red and tacky. The old white grease dries out and does not have the anti seize compounds that the red and tacky has.
Yes the grease is going to wipe off of the rod does not matter what you use. There will be some there. With the red and tacky everyone that rolls down my windows is amazed at how easy they function. You can use the tip of one finger to roll down the glass.
I did remove my windows, guides and regulators and washed and cleaned then got the red and tacky in all the right places.
You can also get in tubes. I use in power window motors and wiper motors. Anywhere they use to use the old white grease that is outdated for sure.
On the front window guides be sure your anti rattle clips are in the guide. That is what keeps the window from making so much noise when you shut the door. There are two in each window and will pop out and be in the bottom of the door.
[Image: grease.jpg]

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