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Grease for Door Window Hardware and Sliders
So I'm about to seal up my inner doors with new door panels, which took a lot of work to restore...

What is the best type of grease to lube all the inner door stuff?
My 67 doesn't have the center post style a 72 has.  I'd not seen this where the window runs up and down the center
post with a nylon/plastic type bushing.

Any thoughts?
[Image: 20180406_221303_1.jpg]
Great Stuff!
The label says it all!

mustang7173 Thankyouyellow
I used white lithium grease, seems to be working well!!
In one of the WCCC videos related to door panels / hardware, they suggest using this:


I've used it recently in lubing up my window regulator / slides and door parts. Seems to go on nice, doesnt harden and not bothered by temperature.
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