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Grant GT Steering Wheel
Hello ALL, I need some info on which way the horn button/contact plates are installed on a Grant steering wheel. My car honks as soon as I hook up the battery without pushing the horn button. Thanks in advance!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Here's the instructions

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Thanks again! That's exactly how I installed my steering wheel but as soon as I hook up the battery it starts honking until I cut power!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Sorry that i cant remember the details, but i remember that when i installed my steering wheel i had to make a small mod in the back of it to not short the horn contacts. Pull the steering wheel out and check how the horn circular circuit fits in the column.

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Had that problem once too. I can't remember what modifications I had to make but I do recall using some fiber gaskets to insulate the three bolts from the contact plate. Somehow they were completing the circuit.

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This would be one a many threads about Grant steering wheel issues
I too had a few dramas mainly with the steering wheel touching the contacts/wires on the turn signal switch and blowing the fuse
Putting some electrical tape didn't completely solve it. I had to make a longer sleeve from a plumbing connector to move the steering wheel away from the contacts which mostly fixed it but if I move the wheel side to side with some force the turn signal starts to make contact!
I bought the classic wheel as I liked the look of it and at 13 inches would give me some more leg room
Perhaps I didn't have issues with the horn as I had wired the horn to switch via earth but also vaguely remember Grant had supplied some small foam pads to stick onto the contact plate, perhaps this could be your issue?
I just went through all of this, first off, I had an old and new version of the mounting kits, and I had to go back to almost all of the old parts because they were just better. The copper wafers were stiffer and everything fit better, first the skinny wafer when tightened down kind of curved up on me? Can't explain that any better, so it made the contacts very close, second the foam pads squished from heat from 90 degree days here in Minnesota, so again horns blew every time I hooked up the battery. The new aluminum hub was VERY poorly made, where the wire was soldered to the back was actually in the way of the contact post, I couldn't even use it!! So I basically just used the new horn button wafer, had to sand the edges for the button to fit right, and then make use of all the old Grant mounting stuff. Just take it slow, check everything piece by piece, maybe even buy another mounting set and mix and match parts. Good luck!! PS: get a bunch of 20A fuses!!
LOL! Just blew one 20 amp fuse today. I finally got it working by putting sticky double sided foam pieces between the 2 wafers to prevent them from making contact all the time. Now my horns only honk when I want them to honk! Thanks for everybody's comments!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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