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Grandé Pics
[Image: 4.png]

It won't be this color for much longer Big Grin  Cant wait to take it bare metal and spray it grabber lime

what is the ninja turtles phone number

1971 Grandé
A few shots for a Cars and Coffee meet I attended a few weeks back.

[Image: 58462126-10213871348473450-4385214707896680448-o.jpg]

[Image: 57155532-10213792679266769-185910360941789184-n.jpg]
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[Image: 73-P-Black-Ram-Air-Hood.jpg]

[Image: 73-Black-hood.jpg]

[/url][url=https://ibb.co/KWK2Vzb][Image: IMG-1092.jpg][Image: Mustang-Jan2020.jpg]Mike SRO in SLC, Utah.  '73 Grandé "Resto-mod in progress"
Well this is mine, I picked her up from a member here in Western Australia.
Looking forward to learning lots and tinkering along the way.
[Image: 8-D7851-C9-2-D47-473-E-80-CF-AA628-BEA9-B94.jpg]
So Cool!

I've learned that most everybody quickly recognizes a 71-73 Fastback, but you usually get a double take from them when you pull up in a 71-73 coupe. I even had an older guy compliment my car once and stated that's he's not sure if he's seen a 72 "coupe" before. Said he loved the look.

I think that sometimes seeing a car at just the right angle, in just the right setting, and maybe even just the right light, can create an everlasting impression. Our brains are trained to see the badness of a Mustang fastback, but the perceived compactness of a coupe makes your eye's and brain to have a fresh look.

It will always be with me:
It was right around 1978-1979, I was a "new" teenager, on the school bus at the High School dropping off the older kids, before we headed to the Jr High.
I just turned my head to scan the parking lot, and there set a 69 Mustang. It was back far enough that I had almost an eye level view of it, but with it's prowler stance and those aggressive looking headlights I couldn't peel my eyes off of it. It wasn't even shining or glimmering, but it just looked BAD!

And then later when I was 15, it was in the middle of summer, and me and a buddy were out in the country here in Ohio, travelling to the next town up the road. ( he had his license and an old Toyota). We came across this young guy in a sweet 68 fastback, pulled over with an guising radiator. We pulled over to help. Got his car cooled down and a water refill and enjoyed some friendly car gab. Once complete, he got it fired up and on his way. In that passing moment, I found my obsessive eyes stuck staring at that rear taillight panel.
39 years later, and I can close my eyes and see it just like it happened yesterday.
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