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Grabber Lime Restoration Update - Power Windows
(03-26-2019, 09:06 PM)rackerm Wrote:
(03-25-2019, 10:21 PM)Motorcity Mustang Wrote: A little more progress over the last 30 days.   Mirrors, weatherstrips and door rubber installed.  Door glass was cleaned and installed along with the power window motors and wiring.  That took a little time putting all that back in the doors without scratching anything!!
[Image: IMG-7324.jpg]

[Image: IMG-7326.jpg]
The glass looks great. Was it mostly just dirt and grime or did you have to buff out scratches too? What compound did you use (looks like a can of Mothers?) and how did you do the buffing?
What I do with glass is first scrap the glass with a razor blade to get all the grime/muck off the glass.  Then I use lacquer thinner to remove any deposits on it, then buff it with mothers.   I don't know of anyway to get the scratches out of the glass, and haven't found anything that really worked.  This glass has quite a few scratches in it, but power window glass is different than standard glass and I wanted the carlite logo and date codes on it.   I was talking with a friend that said you can have new glass etched with the logo and a date code which he has done in the past.  I may do that down the road, but I am going to drive this with the windows down, so it will look fine to me!

Thanks from MotorCity Mustang!
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