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Google image search
So interesting thing happened to me. I have known about google image search for some time now, but never really tried it out. A couple weeks ago I was playing around with some images i have on my computer and just plugged in one of my 71 Mach. I purchased the car in Feb of 2012 from an older gentleman in Southern Idaho. He had sent me several pictures before I bought it. I punched one of those pictures into the google search and it came up! Not just as a blog, or a mention on someone else's page, but on a Mexican car sales website. They had my car listed for sale with a fairly accurate description. Listed for 18k. They even had it listed as being in Nampa, ID. Where I got it from. It was a current listing and had been updated on two days before. Someone was trying to sell my car right from under me! Too bad it doesn't work that way. Anyone else ever have this happen?

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LOL wow that's creepy. Dodgy


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someone tried selling a boat at my marina that didnt belong to them, I owner of the marina just happened to be down and watched for a few min. then called the police. it was interesting that someone would try that.

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Was the listing based off the wording of the original sales wording? If so, likely a scammer copying ads. Happens on eBay with big-ticket items too.


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In guitar circles it is highly recommended never to post your guitar´s serial number because some scumbags take that number and file a complaint against the owner of the guitar saying it was stolen and they have the serial number to prove it´s "theirs".
If the owner doesn´t have proof of purchase (which he often doesn´t have if he bought it on Craigs or something similar) he is in trouble.

The world is full of scumbags unfortunately.

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