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Good kharma, need an engine guy????????
Sometimes in life you meet bad people and it leaves a mark that makes you cynical, sometimes you meet others that are open, honest, trustworthy and fair. Twice now I have had the fortune to deal with a man who is the latter. If you're in the southeast or middle of the east coast ish area and you need a machine shop/engine repair/replace (motor out) or even a restoration of internal parts I would direct you to Ray at  https://raysautomotivemachineshop.com . He knows what he is doing, is upfront fair and honest and isn't going to kill you on the cost. This isn't an advertisement, just a post from a member that takes his engines to him and is very happy. It also helps you don't have to wait 4 months to get the work done and if you need a new engine or block he can probably source that too either from all the stuff in his shop or someone he knows.
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