Should I have dad (orginal owner)sign the glove box?
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Glovebox signature
In the next couple of months I will begin putting the inside of the car together. I was thinking of having my dad sign the glove box (original owner). Any opinions?
Why not? You're not planning on getting rid of the car any time soon, so I think it would be a nice tribute. thumb

(not to mention I just think it's cool, mostly since I didn't have a Dad growing up)


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I am all in favor of it as well.

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To me, the best tribute would be a journal of your father's recollections about him owning and enjoying the car. - And some pics (then and now) thrown in for good measure. You could also include receipts and original dealer paperwork. If you don't have any check with the state's DMV - they usually archive that stuff and can get it for a small fee.

The glovebox is cool but would hold most value for you, your dad and family. The next owner would probably change it out - they'd keep the signed one but change it for a non-signed one. If you plan on keeping - do what you want.
It is really neat that you have a car your dad bought new!!!!!!


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I would do it.

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I agree ! Smile

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I'd AB-SO-FAH-KING-LUTE-LEE have him sign it.

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I think it's a great idea. If you ever do sell the car, you can replace the glove box door easily enough and still have a cool keepsake!

- Travis

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definitely do it
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