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getting rid of anti-freeze
now this may not be for your state, but delaware has it.. went looking for a place to drop off about 5 gallons of old anti freeze and what did i see.. 
if u live in an area that has municipal sewer sys pore it down the drain and flush a few times.. now DO NOT us this if your on a septic sys.. it said the bacteria loves the anti freeze.. very interesting info.. now to find someone with a town sewer sys..
I know that my local MUA here in NJ forbids you from putting anything but sewer water down the drain period !!!
I would be concerned with depositing Ethylene based glycol in either the storm or sewer systems.
Thanks, Jay
Dogs love to drink it. It kills them though. It does have a sweet taste to it.
Our recycle center I believe has a tank just for antifreeze, along with motor oil, cooking oil and oil filters.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
As David posted, antifreeze is very toxic to animals. Not sure about other manufactures but Motorcraft has a bittering agent in their antifreeze so it would not be so appetizing to "Critters". As every state has become more environmentally conscious, a lot of recycling centers have opened and have containers for different petroleum based products. Depending on what kind of relationship you have with your local garage or dealer, they may allow you to dump your old antifreeze in one of their recycling drums. My dealer had recycling drums for transmission, engine, differential oils, filters, batteries etc, and would allow people to drop off those type of items off as long as the fluids were not mixed.
One of our techs got caught pouring antifreeze down a storm drain and after receiving a very hefty fine from the city, a recycling program was put into place not long after that!!


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Send it Bulgaria. They love using it as a additive to wine

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We have a free depository for household hazardous waste in Seattle. Not sure how prevalent that is.
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