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Getting closer
Okay I got the timing set and restabed the dis to make sure it was set correctly. Pressure is looking around 12-14 so I am not upset at all.

I am getting closer to stripping that paint I mean primer off the car to set the filler put on and reprimer.

My clean sheets showed up so I have no worries about the filler being put on only to crack in the future do to poor applying.

I got some wax and grease remover to slap on it prior to painting as well as making sure everything was taken off so it is painted right and be done with it.

Again this is epoxy primer and primer only not actually paint. I just want to make sure the prep is done correctly I am tried of taking the primer back off due to lack of materials, experience and even time.

Oh a quick blast on the trans, I set everything to the correct spot but maybe something is wrong inside, which is doing nothing but keeping me from getting the exhaust put on. You guys should know by now I am doing all of this with a smile on my face, but at some point I need to buckle down and figure out these bs issues.

Painting will take place soon and I have used everything to help get that paint off from a da, orbital, and even a finishing sander. I have not use stripper or those harsh chems that cause more work in the long run. I am thinking about taking the front fenders off so I can make sure it is all painted so when it goes back on it will be done and not EVER REMOVED.

Okay let me have it. I can take it, or I hope either way it will take more than some colorful words and bashing to break my spirit.

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