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Get Mach1 into 12.5 second zone
My first outing with my 72 this year wasn't as successful as I had hoped.My best run was 12.33 @110 mph lifting at about 1000'.I was launching very soft 60' were around 2 seconds.The 3.50 gear isn't a terrible choice if you are gonna go the 460 route.My car doesn't have any problem pulling a 3.50 gear.
Keep in mind a stockish 460 might not run as good as a stockish 429. Most 460s were smog Era and most 429s were pre smog as a rule of thumb.
What heads do you run?
Considering the 60' time, I would focus would be on your traction and launch to start, not throwing more power at an already traction-compromised vehicle. FWIW, you can easily knock a half second off by just working on your launch to reduce your 60' times. See my buddy's 70 Road Runner's latest time slip below on the left, all footbrake. The car on the right was a brand new Hellcat.

Caltracs on a four speed car require very good shocks. A friend of mine is running them on his '68 (408W w/Aussie 302C heads) and has yet to get them tuned in to his liking. The friend with the '70 RoadRunner has an automatic and they work awesome with some 20 year old Competition Engineering drag shocks and superstock springs.

The smallblock input will twist behind a stout engine if you have traction. My buddy with the '68 had to replace his last winter. He was recommended by Dan Williams to switch to a fine spline hemi input and have his clutch disc resplined, rather than switch to the big input.

[Image: 70RR.jpg]

My 429 is from a '69 Galaxie 500XL. It has C9VE heads with small chambers & flat top pistons which should give 10.5:1 from the factory. It was in good shape so I just re-ringed it & put in new bearings. I knocked the major lumps out of the exhaust ports & it has a cam of around .510" & 220 degrees @ .050". I have run both a 750vs & an 850dp on an Edlebrock Performer with ram air.

I agree that the car could launch quicker but that's only going to gain 0.5s at best. I want 1.3s more than that so I clearly need a lot more horsepower.

I have a 460 crank under my bench so the plan is to use that with Icon flat tops and Eagle SIR rods. I'd like ally heads but I'd like to win a few races on iron to prove a point with the Mopar guys. I will do a bit more porting on the exhausts now I have more information but probably leave valves at standard size. With a 274XE cam it should put me into the 450hp range as per the 'recipes' on the 460Ford forum.

Regarding toploader input shaft, I bought the 1 3/8" one and I already have an unused disc to fit. Traction is not a major problem now I have Quick Times.

Maybe I should bring it over to the States as it's widely known here in the UK that all your strips are downhill but ours are uphill Big Grin
Awesome thread, from what I see by your mph the launch is holding you back a bit but not too terribly, my 4v OC cleveland ran 14.5 @99.8mph with a DA around 2700 (stock heads and bottom end, headers, torker intake ezefi throttle body) this year with worse 60' then you; I know that my main issue is tires (using cheap street 275's to get it running) Just that would probably get the Cleveland to around the same 14.1 right now I have to launch super soft or it just blows off the tires. Mine is an auto with stall though.

My goal for next year is to break into the 12's as well, not necessarily 12.5 but I want it to run at least what my Taurus does (12.7@110) my plan is to go to the CC heads with adjustable valve-train, a bit of port cleanup and new single groove valves which should up compression to near 10:1 and going to a solid flat tappet cam. I know thats what was holding my motor back as the hydralic cam in it is large but I dont have enough compression for it and it wants to have a power band higher then I want to rev the stock valve-train. Oh, and good drag radials. I also like the idea of getting a car running awesome on old iron heads.

So it sounds like a good plan to go about it getting some more power out of the 429 should be easy enough, the bit of extra port work and camming for more top end; paired with a bit more aggressive launch should be able to cut a lot of time off. Heck I cut over a second off my car from the first race to the last on just tuning items (mostly ignition stuff). If it still needs a bit of extra help their's always nitrous Wink
I do know of a nitrous kit that is currently redundant & I may be able to buy it for a good price. But I race the Mach1 in a dial your own handicap class so I'd rather have it just on the motor. I don't want to start breaking stuff as I drive it 50 miles to the track & back.
I'm assuming you have appropriate headers. The performer intake and the stock heads are really holding the power production down. If you've been on the 460 Forum you have heard of "Reincarnation Automotive". It is not hype, his heads work well. If he could source the cores (saving some shipping costs) and do the porting as well as an appropriate valve train for your cam, the cost would be far less than building another complete engine. Everything that has been said about the chassis, suspension, and tires should be taken to heart as well. If nothing else try an Edelbrock RPM or RPM Air Gap intake and see if things improve.
   The Dan Williams piece will hold up assuming the rest of the trans is up to par. I used one in my Cougar for many years, 7400 RPM shifts with the 306, 6600 RPM shifts with a 405 Clevor. Below is a link that you may find helpful. I would love to see you spank the Mopar guys and send them on their way. Chuck
I have FPA headers installed.

I recently subscribed to the porting info on 'Reincarnation'. I ported the C9VE heads about 25 years ago from info in the Ford Performance book by Pat Ganahl. They do need a little more work but they are nearly there. Given shipping expense etc It's probably best to do it myself or buy some FRPP SCJ heads or John Kaase P51. However I've crippled my own budget by becoming owner of a comp altered dragster!

I already have bronze valve guides & new dual valve springs (Comp 924-16 I think) in stock. They would suit my proposed Comp 274XE cam. The engine really needs a rebuild for performance use as it has one odd replacement piston & is not properly balanced.

I did think the Performer might be an issue, it's definitely a step up on the current build over the original small port Torker I was running. I think the current Torker may be best if I want to retain ram air otherwise I'd get a Perf Air Gap.
The cam you intend to use is not a good match for the heads you have. The cam needs a lot more exhaust duration. The owner of the Reincarnation site you are referencing for porting instructions can spec you a cam that will get you to your goal. The Torker 2 intake will be adequate for what you want to do.

73 conv. 460, D0VE large valve heads, Performer RPM manifold, Voodoo 227/233 cam, Holley 950 HP carb, C6 trans, 3.25 trak-loc.
CheersTommy, that sounds like good advice. As a matter of interest, what rpm does your motor pull to?
(11-13-2017, 04:19 PM)Duncan Mach72 Wrote: CheersTommy, that sounds like good advice. As a matter of interest, what rpm does your motor pull to?

After about 5800 rpm it is just making noise.

73 conv. 460, D0VE large valve heads, Performer RPM manifold, Voodoo 227/233 cam, Holley 950 HP carb, C6 trans, 3.25 trak-loc.
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