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gearbox malfunction
hello everybody i am after some advice suggestions please o.k what happened yesterday nice day checked levels etc went for a drive about an hour everything aok normal temps and pressures no noises clunks whirrs ginds from g box got home unable to park as no reverse in fact the selector would not move into n r or park would go down to 2 and 1 ok so into top of selector and the detent spring is ok so underneath we go disconnect steering /park lock out linkage still no movement under again and disconnect selector to g/box linkage ok the selector is obviously now ok full movement underneath i only have 2 positions on the linkage on side of the g/box i am thinking that the shaft into box has come apart any knowledge /suggestions please feel free thankyou mickmatt p.s i will give you a few hours as i will be down the pub by the time America wakes up
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