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Gear Vendors installation help
So I took the plunge and bought the GV unit and Im at a stand still. Parts are not fitting like they are suppose to and I called GV with no help. All my problems are about the speed sensor and adapters they supply. I have an FMX trans in a 732 Mustang.

They supplied 2 o rings to fit into the speedo tube adapter. A small fat o ring and a larger skinny o ring. These o rings don't fit either end of the speedo tube adapter! My existing speedo cable end that would normally push into the transmission and has a metal piece and a bolt retaining it to the transmission just falls out of the replacement speedo tube adapter. GV says to remove the existing oring and install their supplied o ring and it is more of a press fit. The o rings they sent don't fit.

They supplied about a 1 inch speedo cable extension that is suppose the fit the end of my existing speedo cable and fits into the speed senser through the spped tube adapter. Problem is , the 1 inch adapter does not fit my cable. It has a square end on it and it is a real sloppy fit on my speedo cable to the point that it will just slip and not lock in. It is square shaped and the square is larger than my cable. My speedo cable is original and works just fine and fits the ford speedo drivin gear for my FMX.

Can anyone help with this?
Some pictures should help us to understand what the issues are.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
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