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Gas Tank replacement seals? / Tank Mods
i've taken my tank out a few times here and there and now my filler neck seal ripped on me a little but i'm sure itll seal up still. and nobody seems to have that piece. who has it?

also the top vent o-ring is not the same size as the sending unit one. the o-ring on the sending unit fits perfectly in the groove and its smaller than the top vent. so who has this o-ring with the retainer. they are diff different sizes.

i am making ways with my previously return style tank. i had many issues with my Glen's performance tank when i was running a holley black pump with return. the problems went away when i went back to a deadhead.

this time i had a radiator shop cut off the return nipple on the sump and have them install a -10 at the back of the tank. with me working on aircraft i know about fuel system feed and ETC. the factory vent is a 5/16 line and thats good enough. as fuel gets pulled from pump, air needs to replace it. along with that, when fuel is getting returned from regulator that fuel is airated and is like the carbonated water coming out of your fountain drink dispenser at 7 Eleven Big GrinBig Grin. therefore, thats another reason for a better vent cuz that air needs to go away. and having that return back into the sump with no baffling at all caused alot of problems.

so i am now using the factory vent still cuz we have to and i installed a -10 vent on the side of the tank. i will upload pics here later to show what i had to do to my tank.

Here are the pics! the back fitting was installed a little too high. i could get the tank in but not the fitting so i had to notch off a little metal.

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I have the seal
But the o ring and lock ring are the same for sending unit or the vapor housing / vent on the 71 -3 tanks ? Has your's been changed or modified?

Item #D1ZZ-9072
Reproduction filler neck to fuel tank seal. Obsolete from Ford, replaces part number D1ZZ-9072. Price: $19.95 + 5.95 priority mail

Ohio Mustang Supply

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