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Gas Tank
What's the best way to empty the gas tank. Does it need to be siphoned or can I just let it run empty. Getting ready to work on the trunk floor. Also how do you store the tank to prevent any contamination and not blow up the house once i get it off the car?
I would not run it empty, but I would run it fairly low. When you run empty, your pump suck the trash at the bottom of the tank up and if your "sock" isn't in place that crap fouls your lines and carb.

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I use a spare sand blast gun that I got from harbor freight. I use the suction down the tank, hook up the air line and blow it into the gas tank. Once it starts flowing it keeps going.

I can drain the tank in about two minutes.
I would drain it after running it down to less than 1/4 tank, that way you don't have to worry about running out in the wrong place. After you get it drained as much as possible, disconnect everything and cap or plug all openings. After you get the tank removed take it outside and drain the rest into a container. Because it is difficult to get all of the gas fumes out of the tank I usually wash it out with soapy water. Stand it on end with the sending unit hole down so it will drain the water. Gas fumes are heavier than air, so any remaining fumes should also drain out. I would leave it outside for several days before bringing it into the garage. Leave the holes all open so that condensation isn't trapped in the tank.
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They have a hand pump at harbor freight that has 2 hoses that you can transfer the fuel
if you pop the fuel line you can drain it to about 1-3 gallons left, from there you can use a pump or jack the car on one side to try and get more out.

i used a siphon hose to drain the tank, when i popped the fuel sender i got about 3 cups of fuel right in my face and mouth.
i dropped my tank and another gallon came up when i drained it completely.

then in the trash it went and replaced it with a new one.

as for storing you want to tape something over the openings to keep things from getting in and also contain the smell a little.
like a plastic bag and tape it over the openings.

i friend of mine stored the tank in a shed, he didn't want it smelling the garage since it was attached to the house.
option would be if you keep the tank and its original in good shape have it boiled out, then it won't smell.
I just did this on mine. I borrowed a hand pump and pumped all the gas out. once it was light enough i poured the rest out the filler pipe hole. I would store it indoors in a tied off garbage bag.

hope that helps
Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for all the replies. Some great ideas on what to do with the tank. Will be working on the tank tomorrow.
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