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Gas station prices sign 1973
I thought you guys might enjoy seeing this.

.jpg   gasoline 1973 sign.jpg (Size: 73.58 KB / Downloads: 141)





1971 Boss 351  
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible 
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71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Tanked last nite few liters of 98. €1.749 a liter/ $1,92 a quart, so per gallon, it's $7,28.
At this rate, it might not take long before electrifying a 71-73 becomes a very good idea...

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
Oh I remember it well. You notice the gas pump behind the guy spray painting NO GAS only has three black squares. With them the most you could charge was $.99 9/10 per gallon. It got to where you had to double what it showed on the pump because the price went over a $1.00 a gallon. For you guys in other countries for some reason here the taxes on gas went to tenth's of a cent so the 9/10 of a cent was on the pumps and still is today. 
In the 60's stations would have gas wars, lol. I have seen for $.18 a gallon back then. Was making $1.00 and hour. You could go to movie, get a burger and some gas and cruise town for $5.00 with a date then.
In 1974 I could not get enough gas to drive my 73 Mach 1 to work and eventually could not get enough to drive my 71 Maverick 6 cylinder grabber to work. I had to buy a motorcycle to get to work. Like to froze to death some mornings. 
I tell the stories of how all the BB cars prices went out the basement. Guy with a boss 429 and an extra engine came by the race shop and could not sell for $1,000. My friend that does auto restorations dad had bought a new GTO in 1965 389 3-2 4 speed and he could not sell for $350. He just parked it and still has it. Loading dock worker at Cutler Hammer bought a 426 hemi superbird and a AAR Cuba for hundreds each. Bag boy at grocery bought a 426 superbird and 426 daytona for hundreds each.
It was a crazy time we did not know if we were going to have to go to bicycle to get around. The factories went to 4 day work week 4 , 10 hour days. 
I converted a van to run on both propane and gas to give me more options. 
Your license plate number determined what day you could even buy gas, odd number one day even the next and usually $5.00 was all you got. 
With all the natural gas fracking they are doing in the U.S. we will probably screw up our ground water supplies. Already have in lots of places. 
In China all the buses and taxi in big cities run off CNG and are very clean. The street vendors cooking with charcoal is what makes most of the pollution in China not the factories or cars. You get millions of people in one city burning charcoal and it is a huge mess. 
Something has to change but I won't be around to see it.

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Fabrice Wrote:Tanked last nite few liters of 98.  €1.749 a liter/ $1,92 a quart, so per gallon, it's $7,28.
At this rate, it might not take long before electrifying a 71-73 becomes a very good idea...

You can get 100 out here at about $8 a gallon.
Don't know if it is worth the price but you never
know if you don't try.

Sunoco, leaded 105 $66.08 for 5 gallons. $13.21 per gallon. You can buy locally here but they will not  pump into a vehicle has to be into a can. For racing only they say. The guys with really hot cars here use on the street. Some get 3 MPG. 
[Image: a-14520-1548860329-500-750.png]

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
70's Oil embargo people panic as gas reached 50 cent. Odd and even plate # sitting in gas line for hours for a $2 limit. I worked in a milk plant then, and they couldn't get enough employee in to keep it open for a day at times. The mach stayed home that month. Wife would get the gas limit and I would syphon gas as needed for my Honda CB350 to make the 50 mile round trip to work.

A gun would be needed in todays screwy people world to survive another one. I'm glad my time running out.....
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Yep those sins were from after the gas prices doubled in 72.  I remember as a child when it went from 16 cents to 32 and my dad talking about how we would never see cheap gas again.  that was when we were filling the 69 LTD one night.

Flash forward and when I was driving my 88 Thunderbird Turbocoupe in the mid 90's.  If premium gas was under $1 per gallon I would buy it and switch the rocker to premium fuel, otherwise I would run the regular setting and buy the non-premium gas.

Prices doubled again after 9-11, then the oil companies realized they could be more profitable by shutting down all the non coastal refineries and driving prices up.

Oh well.

I paid $0.49/gallon in Rolla, MO during college in around 1985? Price war and it was crazy cheap. My car needed the low lead 100 to not knock. Best place to get it was airports 5 gallons at a time. Dyed blue to know road taxes had not been paid on it. Anyone ever heard of someone getting ticketed for that?

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1971 convertible, H-code, Ram Air
1971 Mach I, M-code, Ram Air
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Average Gas price here in the UK is £1.27per Litre for Regular Unleaded, Super Unleaded is even More!
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