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Gas station prices sign 1973
Here is a link to the current gas prices around the world. Iran has the least $.12 / Liter US. The highest is Hong Kong $2.29 / Liter. 

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I saw this sign recently around here...

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Let me check your shorts!

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According to page above, the Netherlands gets the 6th position of most expensive. And that's for 95.
I've picked the right country for my hobby! yeah!

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I worked in a gas station way way back when I was in high school from 1966 to 68. The average sale was $3.00 and it would get you around 8 to 10 gallons. Prices were pretty steady during that period and was ranging from about .30 to .35 per gallon. For that price you got full service - we pumped the gas - washed the front and rear windows and checked your oil. You would also get S&H green stamps. For those that don't know what those were they are stamps that you would collect and then redeem for items from the S&H catalog. They were a big item back then. Now days for $3.00 a gallon you pump your own gas, wash your own windows if there is fluid and a squeegee in the tub, check you own oil and don't even get a "Thank you" when you pay.

S&H Green Stamps
[Image: s-h.jpg]


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I love Mustang history - I bet a set of rear brake shoes were $5

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Take a look at the attached. It's from when the original owner of (my) Mach 1 kept a journal for the first three years of every drop of gas put in the car.
This is a copy of the first page which I sometime display at shows. (I enlarged and laminated it) The journal is an amazing read and accounts the so called "gas shortage" when the car could only be filled up on certain days.
!973 is when I moved to SW Ontario and as I recall, gas was about 39.9 cents an imperial gallon (4.54L). At that time also, the US dollar was worth 7 cents less than the Canadian dollar. Oh how things have changed!

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I learn something new every day!
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