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Fuse Panel Question
Thanks for all the suggestions. I did buy new bulb holders from NPD! I was careful to make sure I installed the bulb correctly but they might not all be making connection. Out of that many bulbs you would think one at least would.

What about my non functioning gas gage? Could my new electronic voltage regulator be bad? Should I put the old one back in? The gages don't work off the fuses do they?
Gauges do not work off of fuses.

Do you have another gauge (oil, water temperature)? Simply swap lines (pins on the dash cluster connector) and see if the problem travels to the new gauge or stays put.

Let me check your shorts!

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midlife;181451 Wrote:Gauges do not work off of fuses.

Do you have another gauge (oil, water temperature)? Simply swap lines (pins on the dash cluster connector) and see if the problem travels to the new gauge or stays put.


I put all the old bulb holders back in in Place of the NPD new holders and carefully made sure the positive was where it was supposed to be. The insturment cluster LED's now light up but the fuel gage and the center gages still do not work. They all worked before. Also the center gages do not light up but I have not changed the bulbs in them yet. They could be burned out. Not sure how to get to them yet but my main concern is the gages that now don't work.

Could the new electronic voltage regulater be bad? That is the only thing that I know of according to what I read on this site that could cause this.

Also, the little 4amp fuse was bad. Changing it lit only the tach lights until I went ahead and changed out all the bulb connectors.

What is my next step?
Put a cheap multimeter on the 6v side of the new CVR ...that'll tell you real quick if it's working.

[Image: Image3.png]
I put the old insturment panel voltage regulator back on the cluster. The gages are now working again it seems. However the fuel gage now reads way past full which it never has before.

It does have a full tank just never has read so far past the full mark. Is it possible that my NEW electronic CVR was bad? If there was a way to install it wrong I probably found it. There was no way to mess up the connections so it was not that. Only the way it was mounted. Will NPD take it back? Should I just leave the old one in place or try getting a new electronic CVR from another source?
If the new CVR is adjustable, have a play with it, if not, I wouldn't stress, I'd let it run out of fuel to see where the needle is then.
Then you can carefully bend the needle, or swap for an adjustable CVR. Either way you will know at what point it will run out so no big deal really.
Our gauges were never meant to be highly accurate anyway....

PS, carry some fuel around on your first runout....
Just my 2 cents(less tax).

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