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Full Cowl Replacement
I showed this awhile back on my build thread but I figured some of you might haven't seen it.I tried to be thorough as possible and provide good pics. First off the front end, dash and windshield will need to be removed.I started by removing both cowl to shock tower braces with a spot weld bit and some time. Drilled the upper cowl out then finally the lower.[Image: o0tiyp.jpg][Image: b3vg9x.jpg][Image: dy23r7.jpg][Image: 24cb0wy.jpg] then I grind and dolly everything flat and coat with Copperweld weld thru primer. Now you punch your holes in the dynacorn lower cowl, line it up and weld into place.[Image: 11ipmpf.jpg] grind the welds flat to prepare it for the upper.[Image: 2duxgyw.jpg] next I seam sealed around the horns in the lower cowl [Image: 9rr3gi.jpg]went ahead and taped up the lower and painted it with valspar semi gloss black since you lose all access once the upper cowl is installed[Image: 2qwzvk6.jpg][Image: 311medv.jpg] now your ready to prep the upper. Punch all your holes in it and get it fit. Before installing it I ran a bead of seam sealer around the inner perimeter so no water could settle between the two panels, then before the sealer dries install the upper where it needs to be by screwing it into place[Image: b5ntab.jpg][Image: 35hph1y.jpg] now your ready to weld thr upper in. Just take your time and keep an air blower close by so you can cool each weld quickly so it doesn't burn your seam sealer out[Image: vmssbl.jpg] grind all your welds flat and reinstall the 2 braces you had removed. [Image: 28wi493.jpg] done beside filler work and paint! Hope this helps a few people tackling this project.
Great write up Steve. Very informative. The pics tell the story.


Fantastic stuff! Since I am probably going to have tackle this I'm especially appreciative!
Thanks for sharing Steve, it's posts like yours that make this site so great, people sharing to help others!



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Good job and thanks for sharing. I had to find one from a junk yard when mine was done. Wished this had existed then.
No problem guys im glad to help. Whenever I get time I plan to post another how to on installing the trunk floor.I took quite a few pics while doing it as its quite a bit more in depth.
That is Great, thanks for the step by step pictures.

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i see that this is an old thread - but any chance to get the images?
it will be my next project and it would be useful Smile

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